Back Home, Briefly

We were supposed to be back home on Saturday and I was meant to have a full day to act like a sloth before I started tour activities. Ha! Ha! Ha! Our flights were delayed and we ended up flying into Indianapolis yesterday and having friends driving us to the Dayton airport to pick up our luggage, because of course our luggage made it to our home airport, rather than us. I slept in a little today, but soon I will be off to sign pre-orders at two different bookstores here in the area, and doing a virtual event this evening, and then, of course, off for two weeks of touring. The days are just packed.

Also, the JoCo Cruise this year was terrific and I have many thoughts about it, especially on the subject of cruising when we are not quite at the end of a pandemic, but I will save them for a slightly later time, when I’m not running around trying to catch up on literally everything before heading off for half a month. In the meantime suffice to say it was exactly the week-long vacation I needed right now, and the tour I’m about to take will be better for it.

Also, I usually take a whole bunch of pictures of the performers on the cruise and then edit/post them when I get home, but I won’t really have time to do much of that until I get done with the tour. So in the meantime enjoy these four photos, of (respectively) musicians Dessa, Aimee Mann and Zoe Keating, and then a photo of a whole bunch of musicians onstage for the final concert. A good time was indeed had by all.

— JS

8 Comments on “Back Home, Briefly”

  1. Very glad you had a restorative time on the cruise! My sympathies on the travel hassles coming back; hopefully that takes care of all your travel-related bad karma for the next two weeks so that your tour goes smoothly. Safe travels!

  2. Welcome back!
    Have a safe journey!

    This is where the transporter would prove so very useful.

  3. When you have time, I would be very very interested in your thoughts on cruises. Not so much related to covid, but your thoughts on the industry in general. My pro/con list is pretty evenly balanced. Thanks!

  4. In addition, unlike the B&N virtual event, the Poisoned Pen does not require you to buy a book to attend. They will have signed copies of John’s book to sell as well as Peng Shepherd’s The Cartographers (which John just tweeted about)

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