The Kaiju Preservation Society: Out Now!

Finally! My newest book, The Kaiju Preservation Society, is out and in the world (or at least, in the US and Canada, the UK edition comes out on Thursday). It’s available in Hardcover and eBook, and also in Audio, read by Wil Wheaton. You can get it at your local bookseller, or online: Amazon|Barnes & Noble|Bookshop|Books-a-Million|Indiebound|Powell’s|Kobo|Google|Apple or really anyplace you might get your books.

The reviews have been excellent, here in the US and in the UK. And it’s already been optioned for television!

I am touring to support it here in the US, starting today. I’ll be reading new stuff and answering questions and otherwise be full of shenanigans.

There’s so much I want to say about Kaiju, but more than that, I want you to read it. This is a special book to me, and among other things helped get me through a rough moment in the world. My experience writing it was joyful, and I think a lot of that joy finds itself transferred onto the page. I think you will enjoy the heck out of it. I hope you do, anyway.

If you’ve already pre-ordered the book: Thank you! That means a lot to me. If you’re planning to get it now that it’s out: Thank you too! That also means a lot to me.

A new book in the world never stops being an amazing thing to me. Something that was once only in my brain is now out to each of you. May it make you happy.

And now, I’m off the the airport for a ridiculously early flight to get to Chapel Hill, NC to start my book tour. See you at Flyleaf books, folks. And then in many other cities after that.

— JS

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  1. Just in time m, I finished the latest Stephenson this morning! Can’t wait to start listening during my lunch break :)

  2. It looks like I’ll get mine on Friday, so this weekend…
    Oh look, Wil Wheaton is available for instant gratification.

  3. Ordered my audiobook last week and just sat around waiting for today for it to download. it. I see a road trip in my future

  4. My local public library had it available late last week, and I was the first to check it out. It is a quick+fun read. Already returned it so that the next person can read it….

  5. I can actually visualize the Behind The Scenes footage for some of the scenes

    The plasma near miss really needs to be included in the final screen play and will work best with the new LED back drops like they used for The Mandalorian ( Ewok village )

    Was awake all night due to virus / allergies

    Perfect way to pass the hours, Thanks


  6. 75% sure we’ll try to make it to see you tomorrow in Atlanta – hope to see you then!

  7. I’m only a couple of chapters in and have already laughed out loud several times.

  8. I got my pre-order download from Amazon this morning and I’m just getting started, 10% in. It’s looking good so far! (But next I’m going to have to re-read “Snow Crash!”)

  9. The spousal unit and I will be at Flyleaf tonight. We’re looking forward to it!

  10. Have fun on your tour.
    My pre-order should show up tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it.

  11. Also– will you be breaking out the guitar and adapting one of the Kinks’ best songs?

    We are the Kaiju Preservation Society
    Long live lizards large and beasts that challenge sobriety
    We are the square law depreciation society
    Long live giant apes in all the different varieties

    Someone who has already read the book needs to take over here.

  12. @me

    Okay– a quick Google search reveals I am late to the party, and someone posted their own version of this idea at an earlier post.

    (Hey, frequently I do not read all of the comments).

  13. My son and I are each getting a copy — they are en route. We can’t wait for them to arrive. Congratulations!

  14. My ebook copy from my local library (shout out to the Kent District Library in Michigan!) showed up overnight, so I downloaded it this morning.

    I can’t wait to read it!

  15. Thank you, John Scalzi, and thank you Powell’s Books (who ships internationally, incidentally) for getting me through this rough patch… And, thank you, Krissy. Your patience is everlasting! Love to all at the Scalzi Compound. Happy sunsets to all!

  16. I listened to the first 16 chapters of Kaiju Preservation Society today and all I can say is you’ve written your own Bridge Over Troubled Water for your own Art Garfunkel, Wil Wheaton. So much fun! Thank you!

  17. Bought the e-book for my Kobo Libra2.

    Read it in one sitting…could barely choke it down but I persevered.

    Really fun if you speak Gojira but you don’t have to be a Kaiju nerd to appreciate it.


  18. Great fun, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks, that’s what I needed today.

    Without trying to spoil anything, I’d wonder how this universe’s physics work in places like the molten cores of planets and the hearts of stars. Perhaps that’s why these objects are in the same places in the sky on different worlds, but smaller objects are not? There’s gotta be a sequel in there somewhere.

  19. Much to my amazement, I was browsing through the out front fiction section (where newer books are featured) of my wonderful local library and there it was: your new book. I don’t know how they did it, but it was labeled and catalogued and ready to be checked out the day after official publication!

  20. Just finished my copy. The obvious question is will we be seeing the film adaptation in 2023 or 2024?

  21. OMFG. I’m on like page 6% (yes, E-reader) and I had to rush over here and tell the world that I LOVE JOHN SCALZI. You’ve already managed to eviscerate most of Western Civilization and now our hero is planning to drink his vodka in the shower for you know, hygienic reasons? I’m just hoping that you didn’t steal that idea from Disney because you know, lawsuits. I needed some good laughs today, sir, and you deliverated!

  22. My wife’s copy (which I did not know she had ordered) arrived on the day!

    Bookies are taking odds on whether she finishes it first or my library ebook copy is turned loose to me. Smart money favors her.

    Safe travels!

  23. Book is good. Read book!

    Seriously fun, foot-on-gas high speed from beginning to end, even the info-dumps are slotted in well enough not to slow things down.

    Also our host has done that “thing” again with the main character, which I completely missed (again).

    I can see why it got optioned for a movie immediately, it’s perfect for that. And is open-ended enough for a series, if needed.

  24. Congratulations John. This is good news, on a day full of (international) bad news, and it cheered me that you and your work are doing well. Thanks for all the fun reads.

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