View From a Hotel Window, 3/15/22: Chapel Hill

After a very early morning, I have landed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for the first event of the book tour, at Flyleaf Books. Things are going a little bit differently this time, with the signing starting at 5:00 p.m., followed by the actual event at 6:00 p.m. so if you are coming, remember to get there early so I can sign books for you!

Today’s view from the hotel window is a classic. A parking lot, some trees, some background elements. Basically, just everything that you come to expect in one of my hotel photos. Yes, it’s been a hot minute since we’ve had one of these types of pictures. But I’m back in the swing of things, folks.

Tomorrow: I will be heading to the great state of Georgia, specifically Decatur, Georgia, for an event at the Eagle Eye bookstore. That will be at 7:00 p.m. See you there!

— JS

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  1. I went to college at Chapel Hill. It’s a beautiful place. Be sure to walk through the quad and roam Franklin Street. Oh, and by all means, sit on one of their famous stone walls and watch the world float past. :)

  2. Just bought KPS, can’t wait to start goldbricking — er, take an authorized unpaid break — and start reading.

    Regarding your tour – I’m sure that Richmond, VA has plenty to recommend it but do consider Richmond, CA, the City of Pride and Purpose. What’s that? you asked. Bookstore? Um, yeah, probably a good idea at some point. We’re close to Pegasus & Pendragon in Berkeley…

  3. Don’t forget to be especially kind to the hotel staff, from maids to front desk people. They interact with some of the worst narcissists and #?@! on a daily basis and every kind word from normal people is treasured.

    This is a challenge to everyone: pay it forward! If for no other reason, be an example of how adults should behave, regardless of how others act (and react).

  4. Scenario generated by an overactive imagination: The owners of the yellow house, curious about the view from the hotel and in need of some luxury in the outside world after two years of lockdown, rent a room in the hotel and request a room overlooking their property.

    Upon entering the room the first thing they notice is the telescope on a tripod at the window aimed at the bedroom window of their house. More curious than concerned at this point they approach a chambermaid in the hallway and ask if they can see the interior of the room next to theirs where they find the same telescope setup.

    If I’m them, I’d buy my own telescope (or save a lot of money and fabricate my own made from various sized glued together cardboard tubes purchased at the hobby store) and place it in the bedroom window aimed generally at the hotel.

    If there is in fact a telescope in the room, Scalzi, I’d close the drapes for sure! 😆

    Incidentally, I listened to the first 16 chapters of Kaiju Preservation Society today and all I can say is you’ve written your own Bridge Over Troubled Water for your own Art Garfunkel, Wil Wheaton. So much fun! Thank you!

  5. Listened to Will Wheaton all night, reading me Kaiju.

    Enjoy Chapel Hill, haven’t been there since 1967, but I’m guessing from your photo that is as picturesque as ever.

    Safe travels, if you make it to California I’ll be sure to come see you.

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