Daily Archives: March 17, 2022

KPS Workplace Guidelines

Here’s a fun little thing I did over at Tor.com today, assisted by their able graphic artists: The Kaiju Preservation Society Workplace Guidelines: The Too-Short Version. It’s what you need to know to survive a world that has massive creatures who could step on you like you step on an ant. Not everything you need […]

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View From a Hotel Window, 3/17/22: Richmond

St. Patrick’s Day is rainy here in Richmond, but we’re still going to have a good time at tonight’s event, which is at 6pm at Sam Miller’s Restaurant, presented by Fountain Bookstore. Remember that proof of vaccination will be required, so be ready to show that off (I have mine on my phone). Tomorrow: I’m […]

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The Big Idea: J.L. Worrad

Sometimes an idea or concept gets played with so much in fantasy and science fiction that it seems impossible to try to reclaim it from the trope pile. What to do? If you’re J.L. Worrad, you try to breathe new life into it anyway… and in doing so discover something essential about it, as he […]

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View From a Hotel Window, 3/16/22: Decatur

I neglected to post this yesterday, on account that during the time that I usually post a picture like this, I took a nap. But better late than never! My window this time looks in on an interior courtyard. And has this cool light fixture in it, so, I thought you would still like to […]

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