View From a Hotel Window, 3/18/22: Brookline

The sun is out today! Well, at least some of the time. I will take that. Also, Brookline, hello! I am in you and looking forward to the event tonight at 7pm at Brookline Booksmith.

Tomorrow: United Theater in Westerly, Rhode Island! First, me, at 7pm, and then Pacific Rim, at 9pm! How cool is that?

12 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 3/18/22: Brookline”

  1. Since you are near the North End, time to head for the Pizza Regina. Mmmm, pizza.

  2. I was just sitting down there on a bench eating an ice cream cone. It’s a short walk to JP Licks!

  3. My copy of The Kaiju Preservation Society arrived today. I had the afternoon off, so of course I started it. It’s everything you promised and more, John! A really solid, funny book.

  4. Soviet era building across the courtyard there! My friend Eric should be there tonight.

  5. Forgot to mention in my last comment that I’ve laughed several times while reading. I think my fav so far is the angrily eating bacon on the toilet comment. And loving the nerdy references. Incidentally, I’ve done some side work for KPS in northern Ontario…not sure what the acronym stands for in their case although they do have something to do with digging big holes and tunnels into bedrock.

  6. PS Every time I think about writing a book, I think about having to do publicity stuff, meeting people, and book signings, and the urge to write goes away. :)

  7. PPS And now finished. Fun! Time flew by reading it. Still smiling about the book. Read your final note and acknowledgments too. Yeah, 2020. I stopped watching news that year, and went off social media till halfway thru 2021.

    I’ll have to see if the library has the audio version. I wouldn’t mind listening to Will Wheaton add inflections and emphasis to some of those witty banters.

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