It’s where I want to be. And I am indeed already there. Good be back.

— JS

12 Comments on “Home”

  1. Love that ‘Heads’ album! Sad day in music though with the untimely passing of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Scalzi, you rest. Taylor, RIP.

  2. Congratulations on the publication, I pre-ordered it via Kindle and have read it from e-cover to e-cover. Great yarn! Twists and turns, excitement, etc. Thanks for writing.

    Glad you are back home, no doubt tired from the travel. We plan rest days between flights now, actually not traveling on account of the plague so far. Getting home is often one of the best parts of travel, no matter how exotic or delux the travel was.

    Scritch the critters and sleep well.

  3. Just watched Lost City, the Sandra Bullock movie about an author that didn’t want to do press tour. Curious if, once you’ve seen it, how you feel about it.

    Without the whole “Harry Potter kidnaps you”, of course.

    Take Andrea, I’ve love to hear her take on it as well.

  4. Ah, eighties! Jeez, I remember that song.. I always liked their Fear of Music album.

  5. This poked its head out of my music algo on Thursday, a welcome reminder of this album after a few years.

    Odd to see it crop up in another avenue.

  6. Aww, one of my favorite songs ever! Thanks and welcome home John, looking forward to reading KPS soon.

  7. John I have just started KPS. As someone who has read and enjoyed all of your books, this is maybe finest science fiction novel I have ever read. Better than Snow Crash.😁

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