A Night on Cat Mountain

Photoshop has some new filters that run a picture you might have through some pre-existing artwork, and so I took a picture of Spice and ran it through a filter of a painting of mountains. The result is not displeasing. Yes, this is what I am doing with my Sunday (I also wrote an essay, but that won’t be out until later this week).

Also, the last couple of days I was battling a cold which I picked up on the road, and yes, it was just a cold, I did a nose-stab when I got home, and it came out negative for COVID, so. I slept like a rock last night and woke up less phlegmy and scratchy-throated, although still a bit tired. Honestly it’s been so long since I’ve had a cold — thank you masking and social distancing — that I almost forgot what they were like. I could have been happy not knowing for a while longer, honestly.

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Is it a Cat Mountain — or a Mountain Cat? Interesting effect regardless. I’ve never tried tweaking a photo like that, could be fun.

Welcome home, where the pillow knows your ear.

That is lovely, and well named!

Thank you for writing KPS – it was exactly the book I needed to be reading this past week: engaging, snarky, and not too heavy. It was especially apropos to be reading about radioactive kaiju while I was letting radioactive tracers circulate through my body ahead of a PET scan.

That is one impressive picture! It’s really amazing what AI can do nowadays, isn’t it?

As for “Sick, But Not COVID” – I share your space on that, believe me! I’ve had low-level bronchitis I got as part of a (non-COVID) flu I caught back in November, and even three courses of antibiotics haven’t kicked it out of me entirely. I go every few weeks for COVID-19 tests to be sure, and so far so good – if only I could convince people the constant sniffling and coughing isn’t anything contagious….

I am really impressed with Cat Mountain. It is great. Too bad you let us in on the secret, you could have pretended you were a great artist.

It does raise the question of where technology stops and art begins. Or is putting them together also art? I think so.

Per TimELiebe, above, I’ve found there’s nothing that will enforce a little social distancing like a nice vigorous cough behind one’s mask. At the beginning of COVID, I was walking in the neighborhood, and inhaled a (small) bug. In the ensuing hack, cough, struggle to clear my airway, multiple people crossed the street to avoid me. It simultaneously gratified me and made me feel like a plague-carrier. Still a useful trick for those who purport to no longer need masking or distancing.

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