And Now a Brief Musical Interlude

One of my favorite bands in the last decade or so has been The Naked and Famous, originally from New Zealand but now with the principal members, Alisa Xayalith and Thomas Powers residing in Los Angeles. The band recently announced a hiatus, which makes me sad as a fan, but Xayalith and Powers are doing solo and/or collaborative work with other artists, which makes me happy as someone who likes new music. And so, here’s their respective latest bits: A solo song from Xayalith, and a Meg Myers song that Powers produced. The Xayalith song is gentle and lovely; the Myers song is gothy and spiky. Enjoy both.

— JS

2 Comments on “And Now a Brief Musical Interlude”

  1. Agree with ennKay; I generally adore her work though perhaps not this new one so much.

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