The Regrettes: Anxieties

Weird little video. Pretty good song.

Traveling tomorrow for my appearance at Little City Books in Hoboken at 7pm, as part of the Hoboken Literary Weekend. If you’re in the area, come by and say hello. If you’re not in the area, uhhhh, have a good Friday, I guess.

— JS

5 Comments on “The Regrettes: Anxieties”

  1. I liked The Regrettes better when they were an angry teenage pop-punk band. But I am an old guy and not their targeted demographic, so they should do exactly what they want.

    At 21, Lydia Knight is already one hell of a songwriter. She’s one to watch.

    (And John, you have a good Friday, too!)

  2. Seems like the hook is likely to show up on TikTok sooner rather than later. Fascinating to see how songwriting has changed to take that into account.

    And yes, weird video. I liked it (and the song) enough to listen to more of their oeuvre. Thanks for the point!

  3. Happy to see more material from them…with the pandemic it was hard to know what bands were going to persevere and which were not.

  4. The colorful, kooky set reminds me of Doug Stanhope’s FunHouse with its cartoon Ka-Pow! aesthetic. I like it!

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