Daily Archives: April 4, 2022

Aaaaaand… Exhale

Why am I exhaling? Because I have Two! Whole! Weeks! — plus a couple of days! — before I have to go out into the world again to promote The Kaiju Preservation Society. After that I will be in Los Angeles, and Berkeley, and Chicago, and Gaithersburg, MD for various book festivals. But for now, […]

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A Handgun-Related Whoopsie in “Kaiju”

Which is: Glock 19s don’t have external safeties. Which I knew, because after I wrote the firearm into the scene I was all “Oh, I should check to make sure I’m accurately representing that handgun,” and then I was all, “Oh, that’s not accurate, I will have to go back and change that,” and than […]

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