Aaaaaand… Exhale

Why am I exhaling? Because I have Two! Whole! Weeks! — plus a couple of days! — before I have to go out into the world again to promote The Kaiju Preservation Society. After that I will be in Los Angeles, and Berkeley, and Chicago, and Gaithersburg, MD for various book festivals. But for now, I get to sleep in my own bed, and see my family, and pet my various pets. It’s a lovely state of affairs.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy being out in the world and seeing people, mind you. I do, especially after having two years of more or less enforced being at home. But being on tour is a little like being in a bubble; yes, the rest of the world exists, but one is busy enough traveling and doing events that it’s background noise rather than part of one’s actual life. Often this is a good thing (see: news), but one also does miss out on what’s going on with family and friends and such. Having a couple of weeks at home to re-center into one’s own life is a good thing.

(Also, I might, you know, write some in the novel that I am meant to put out in 2023. Would be useful to do that, I think.)

Anyway: Two! Whole! Weeks! It’s entirely possible that I may follow Spice’s example here and sleep through most of it. What a delight that would be, honestly.

— JS

15 Comments on “Aaaaaand… Exhale”

  1. Spice sets an excellent example in napping, but I do recommend that you not attempt to emulate her sleeping position. Unless you wish to spend a lot of time and money at your chiropractor, that is.

    Enjoy your downtime – you deserve it!

  2. That cat has too many feet!

    Is she actually resting her head on her back right foot?

    I can’t even.

  3. I used to travel for work and people thought it was so glamorous. After staring at the same hotel wall all day for a week, I was very glad to get home to my cat and my bed.

  4. You’re coming to Berkeley? I didn’t see it on the tour dates list.

    Where and when?

  5. Gosh, there are a lot of us in Berkeley! Maybe we should plan a pre- or post-party at one of the local likely spots. Once we know what locality you’re going to localize yourself in.

  6. Still would like to know how fast you caved to Gail during your ‘feud.’

  7. Finished KPS yesterday. Loved it. By far my favorite book of yours. I’m not what one would call a “fan”, BTW, I’m genuinely ‘meh’ over about half your ouvre, no insult intended, I just read a fuckton, and used to do it professionally, so one gets a bit jaded, but KPS was fresh, fun, and beautifully, fabulously bonkers. Loved it. Loved everything about it. Thank you for your brain.

  8. So cool that I get to be an author at the same book festival as you! I’ve wanted to table at the Gaithersburg Book Festival since my book came out but COVID prevented me from doing so. I love that I finally can while you’re going to be speaking. I’ll probably get my parents to cover my table while you talk.