“Kaiju” a New York Times Bestseller (Again)

This time on the NYT Audio Fiction Best Seller list, where it pops in at #14. As it also appeared on the NYT Combined Print & eBook list, we can say that the book is officially a hit in every format it’s come out in. Which is a lovely thing to be able to say. I’m very pleased with how this book has been doing out in the world.

(It’s also in its third week on the Indie Bookstore Hardcover Fiction list. Whee!)

And how was your Wednesday?

— JS

19 Comments on ““Kaiju” a New York Times Bestseller (Again)”

  1. I have enjoyed the humor in many of your books, but I’ve rarely laughed out loud like I am reading this one. I’m also liking the “trick” you’re doing with Jamie’s gender. Like Chris in the Lock In books, my Jamie is not the same Jamie another reader is experiencing.

    Of course that’s always true, to a point, but more so in this book. I like it.

  2. Congratulations! This success is VERY well deserved.

    I loved this one. And the timing was perfect; I just read it by my mom’s bedside, as Mom lies dying after a massive stroke. It was the ideal engaging read at such a time – warm and funny and hopeful – and it’s gotten me through one of the worst weeks of my life.

  3. Congrats once again, John.

    For my Wednesday, there was an email in one of my inboxes from Bob Dylan’s son, wanting to do a podcast interview with a certain SFWA Grandmaster I webmaster for. I should probably suggest he also consider doing one with a certain current NYT bestseller…

  4. Thank you for the heads up!

    I didn’t realise that the audio edition had made it across the pond yet; this solves my question about what I am going to listen to tonight.

    I have been relying on A Very Scalzi Christmas for the nights when I was almost unable to read and/or listen to much of my library because of the sheer weight of things happening in Ukraine.

    And now I have Kaiju downloaded and ready to go, so thank you!

  5. My Wednesday was quiet, which is fine.
    Finished KPS last week and was shocked! Outraged I tell you! That you actually… used the word “whatnot.” Is that a midwest thing?
    Really enjoyed it! Funny, exciting, and you are really great with crackling dialogue!
    Good work, and made a couple days very fun. Thanks!

  6. Almost halfway through with it and throughly enjoying ! Thanks for another great novel!

  7. Congratulations on more good news about Kaiju! I am very happy for you!

    I have reached chapter 15 in KPS, and I’ve gotten to that point where I have to start fighting with my anxiety and force myself to keep reading. That’s not on you – that’s my own stupid head doing what it does best, which is to keep me from doing things I enjoy doing because I start having anxiety attacks about what happens next. I haven’t been able to finish many works of fiction in recent years because of it, but I’ll keep working at this one, because I’ve enjoyed the heck out of the first 14 chapters.

    My Wednesday has been productive, and thank you for asking. I finished compiling documentation and narratives for the final seven audit selections on this week’s list, the messiest ones that take forever to describe, and I’m glad they are done. I get to spend Thursday afternoon with my granddaughter, which is always a delight, so I’m feeling pretty good this evening.

  8. Congratulations.

    As a long time Whatever reader and Scalzi fan. I expected no less.

    Looking forward to KPS sequel.

  9. Really enjoyed the book–great entertainment. Thanks!

    I had one surprise. The format I read it in was the printed hardcover. It didn’t look like too heavy of a book, when compared to the more-typical these days 500-700 pager, and I was actually happy to enjoy something more along the lines of the traditional 250 pages. But I noticed as I got into it that it was taking longer for me to read than I thought it should and realized the type face was smaller than normal for a hardback–more line what’s normal for a paperback book. Not sure, but I’ve read that one of the many COVID/economic things today is a shortage of paper impacting publishers so I assumed this was a way to shove the same content into a smaller package and save on paper/printing costs.

  10. I enjoyed the book a lot. But I think my time living in Germany a few years ago may have left a permanent mark, because every time the name of the food delivery company was mentioned, I found myself muttering grumpily “Umlauts do not work that way!!”

  11. Due to some oddness about the sun and the planet and timezones, I’m force to read this on a Thursday. I’m mildly outraged.

    Other than that – pretty nice, and I loved the book. Didn’t even note the gender bit about Jamie, very clever!!!

    I also loved when whatstheirname did that thing – pretty cool!

    (picked up “Your hate mail will be graded” and noticed I’ve been missing out here … badly 🤪)

  12. Congrats on more great news re Kaiju. My preordered signed copy came as advertised, was immediately read and has taken its place on the shelf. My Wednesday went well, as I had finally located a kennel for my dogs; turns out the weekend I was actually leaving town was spring break locally (so late?) (who knew?) so kennel space was minimal. Anyhow, huge relief, as my usual vet’s kennel has been closed due to staff shortage. So, I can actually get out of town, first time in … I forget. But it’s all good.

  13. Well deserved. Nothing better than Will Wheaton reading a new Scalzi book for me while I lounge around!

  14. Loved the novel, read it straight through nearly. Only fault was that it could have been longer for me…

    I didn’t notice any oddness about genders, maybe I’ve just floated away from gender war? Not that important to old hippies… I mean, who cares?

    A great job, tho, thanks so much!! And the Hugo list, also so very helpful, I’ll be ordering so many new books for my tablet!

  15. We Listened to it on a supply run to Colorado. Fun book, a little more snark than we would have wanted but fun none the less

  16. I’m not jealous. Nope. Not in the least. Nor envious. Nope. Nope. Nope.

    mazel tov, dude

    (when’s the sequel gonna be written? one where another timeline where intelligent lemurs set off nukes to sculpt canal across eqv-Panama and accidentally reach our timeline?)

  17. KPS was released here on March 29. I couldn’t sleep (entirely unrelated reasons !!), but when I realised it had been downloaded to my phone, I started reading.

    Not to complain too much, but i finished it way too soon. I did love the evil villain references. More please !!!

    (Yes, I know you have other books and things to do, but it’s all about me !!!)