New Books and ARCs, 4/8/22

After a brief(ish) haitus whilst I was on the road, the New Books and ARCs feature is back, and with a very fine stack of reading if I do say so myself. What here is calling to you? Share in the comments!

— JS

18 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 4/8/22”

  1. Wait, is Ben Bova the title, or is Sam Gunn Jr. the title?

    Who’s on first?

  2. For The Throne!!!!!!!!!!! Omgggggg!!!! I didn’t read it correctly at first(allergy eyes). The first book was so good. I can’t wait for this one. I’m giddy.

  3. New Ben Bova? Goes and checks, ah posthumously published. Also wow, Ben Bova wrote a lot more books than I have seen. The Dueling Machine was a childhood favourite.

  4. GTA, yeah, just for the name ;-)

    Lucius Shepard is a name I haven’t heard lately.

    And I’m troubled that ‘Live Nude Aliens’ isn’t a novel…

  5. Lucius Shepherd’s first (?) novel, “Green Eyes” was a stunner: it hinted at such a weird universe. Sadly, for me, he never quite reached that summit again.

  6. Does anyone know, since I always wonder…does he read all the ARCs that arrive every few weeks? Because they seem like a sizeable collection of books.

  7. Nerys, I don’t think he does. I can’t imagine he’d have time to do anything else if he did. I’d have to dig for it, but I think John posted at one point that he posts them on his blog, then gives them away to friends and family or donates them or something.

  8. Nerys:

    the dark, dark secret of Baron von Scalzi is he identifies the best of those ARCs and via eldritch quantum particles e-mails them to himself five years ago

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