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Reader Request Week 2022 #6: High School Reunions

Laura S asks: My 50 year high school reunion was last fall. Actually 50+1 because of COVID. Have you attended any high school reunions? Or have you kept in touch with childhood friends post high school? I’ve been to several high school reunions: Specifically the 5th, the 10th, the 20th and the 30th, and I […]

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Reader Request Week 2022 #5: The Clawback of Rights in the USA

Nellie asks: I’d love to get your perspective specifically on the rash of anti-trans legislation getting pushed all over the US right now – Alabama just today passed their version, making it a felony to help someone transition under the age of 19, and there are a LOT of bills under consideration in other states […]

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The Big Idea: Nancy Werlin

Hey, do you remember the 90s? Nancy Werlin does, and one of the reasons she does involves her latest novel, Healer & Witch. Her latest novel… but perhaps not her most recent novel. Werlin is here now to explain how that works, and why she’s delighted this novel is now out in the world. NANCY […]

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