New Books and ARCs, 4/15/22

Welcome to your Easter and Passover stack of new books and ARCs! What here is catching your eye on this weekend of reflection and celebration? Share, as always, in the comments.

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Since I preordered Seasonal Fears, definitely an easy call to make from this stack.

For things I could read this weekend, I do have A Memory Called Empire lurking on my kindle.

Is that a book called “Seasonal Fears” by an author named Seanan McGuire, or a book called “Seanan McGuire” by an author named Seasonal Fears?

(Not a serious question. Instead, a satire on the question raised by last week’s book by Ben Bova)

Scalzi! (to be screamed a la ‘Khan!’) I’ve only just started Wil Wheaton’s memoir thanks to you, and now you tempt me with all these new (or newish) titles?
Just knowing there’s something out there by Seanan M. means my weekend plans have changed. Where I’ll find the time or money for all these, no idea, but thanks (I think) for sharing your TBR stack.

I love most of Seanan McGuire’s stuff so that one, and I like Janelle Monae’s music so I bet that’s going to be fun, and I just like the spine and title of the Embrodered Book.

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