Happy Birthday Krissy

This seems to happen every April 18: It’s Krissy’s birthday again! And, as ever, she’s just fabulous, and I love her tons. For her birthday I bought her a rice cooker (this one) and will be taking her to dinner. If you were to wish her a happy birthday in the comments, that would be lovely. No pressure, however, she’s fine either way.

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Happy Birthday, Krissy! I wish you could give me tips on picking the perfect lipstick shade, because yours always looks fabulous. Wishing you many happy years ahead and a delicious dinner to celebrate.

A rice cooker??? Scalzi, you are one of the true romantics. At least it wasn’t a vacuum cleaner!

Happy Birthday to Mrs. S, he must have other redeeming qualities…

A rice cooker?

Happy Birthday! That is a great rice cooker. I’m a rice cooker convert: my thought was “I make great rice on the stovetop, I don’t need this.” Someone gave me one and I learned how useful it is to have something that turns itself and on and off. My boat-living SIL uses hers constantly. I hope you have a good rice cooker cookbook to go with?

I, too, wish you the happiest of birthdays, and many more to come.

How nice to hear of something good on this otherwise grim day of Infernal Revenue…


I use the rice cooker for rice, veg, fish… lots of things. It’s one of the best presents I ever bought someone else. :-D

Happy belated birthday, Krissy. Since your husband seems just too perfect in his virtual persona, I suppose he’s hiding some flaw for which you deserve a medal for putting up with him. Although I also suppose his entertainment skills are legit, and that’s all anyone wants in a partner, right. :)

Happy birthday, Krissy! A day late, but heartfelt nonetheless. Hope you enjoy the rice cooker. We have a similar model, which I discovered from following the Twitter account of Aliette de Bodard – apparently SFF and cooking overlap. 😄

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