In Case You Were Wondering

Look what’s coming back. Soon.

— JS

11 Comments on “In Case You Were Wondering”

  1. Woohoo!

    Only downside is I cancelled Netflix last year because I realized I never watch TV. But I’m sure there’s some way to fix that.

  2. Is that giant on the beach scene from “Towing Jehovah”? That image is pretty much all I remember from the book, other than the great title.

  3. Thank you! So excited for this. I thought I’d have to wait another year for this next volume, but May? Oh, I can make it… ;-) Love this series.

  4. Charles Engle: that’s the Drowned Giant from s2 ep8, based on a story by J.G. Ballard. It’s a much more introspective story than the vibe of the new trailer.

  5. Oooh, a solid reason to go back to Netflix. (I’ve been only keeping one streaming service at a time, two if you count Amazon.)
    Also, this teaser was hilarious.

  6. Look like they mostly used recycled bits from previous seasons to make the teaser (not a complaint), which has lead to my watching it four times now trying to tease out which bits are new.

  7. That official teaser was extremely funny albeit not very official once the footage from the Crown was over. Makes the threesome look a lot funnier than the Crown, though. Plus 100% more Robots than the Crown, I’ll bet.

  8. Pretty excited for this. I haven’t liked every LD&R story (file this under “not everything is made specifically for me and that’s fine”) but the ones I did like, I liked a LOT.