View From a Hotel Window 4/21/22: Los Angeles

Not the most scenic of views — I daresay it feels kind of like a view you might get at a hotel in New York — but the hotel is lovely and I will be busy with meetings and events regardless. I’m here for film/TV stuff during the week and for Los Angeles Times Festival of Books doings on the weekend. Keeping myself busy, that’s me.

— JS

6 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window 4/21/22: Los Angeles”

  1. You’re really downtown there! For a time I worked in the building in the back left of your photo – the smaller, leftmost of the two silvery ones – it used to be the Wells Fargo building, which had a stage coach inside on the very top floor. It’s just a short walk from where you are to the beautiful Bonaventure Hotel, site of many a movie scene.

  2. Welcome to LA! Much love and success to you, and enjoy your stay!… See ya Saturday!

  3. [taps fingers anxiously awaiting news of Old Man’s War or Redshirts TV/film adaptations] 😊

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