Spice Watches You From Above

She’s totally not judging you, though (spoiler: She absolutely is).

Also, yes, I intend to write about the draft decision from Alito, but I have a lot of thoughts about it and I will need a little bit of time to organize them into something more than venting. Soon. In the meantime, you have Twitter for my unexpurgated thoughts on the matter. I don’t imagine they will surprise any of you.

— JS

10 Comments on “Spice Watches You From Above”

  1. I won’t tell you not to leave your own thoughts on the Alito draft here, but know that they will probably be better suited for the comment thread on the actual piece I will write about it, not the comment thread about a picture of a cat. In other words: Maybe hold those thoughts, folks.

  2. Our kittens, the Fur Bullets, haven’t reached the judgmental stage of cathood yet. They are in the “climb everything all the time” phase. On the plus side, the female managed to find a button for the calculator app on my laptop that I never noticed.

    (They are named Carter and Sadie from The Kane Chronicles series by Rick Riordan. They live up to their namesakes quite well.)

  3. We have four cats in addition to our three dogs. All are rescues.
    One pair of Siamese sisters are known as Thing One and Thing Two for their troublemaking abilities… They’re too busy wrecking the place and terrorizing the dogs to be judgemental. But they’re young…

  4. Thank you for your entertaining posts. I definitely don’t need more Supreme Court pieces.

  5. She definitely looks judgy, she’s giving everyone the Evil Eye. I miss having a cat.

  6. Is lying under oath ito get nto scotus grounds for impeachment out of scotus?

    Asking for a friend.

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