Today Is the Day I Discovered Reuben Kaye

And holy shit, these are amazing. Australia’s been holding out on us.

— JS

20 Comments on “Today Is the Day I Discovered Reuben Kaye”

  1. My first take is: “Pricilla, Queen of the Desert” meets Eddie Izzard.

  2. Now I really, really want to see a duet with Reuben Blake and Randy Rainbow.

    Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature would have a collective myocardial infarction.

  3. “My first take is: “Pricilla, Queen of the Desert” meets Eddie Izzard.”

    Me too LOL! Pricilla, Queen of the Desert is one of my favorite movies!

  4. A worthy successor to Barry Humphries.

    Note: in researching my comment, I discovered that the Melbourne International Comedy Festival used to be called the “Barry Award”. The name was changed after some transphobic remarks made by Humphries four years ago.

    So, a more than worthy successor.

  5. Amazing and I will now be falling down the YouTube rabbit hole for the rest of the day so don’t know if I should thank you for that…

  6. Although I enjoy this, my dad always said all comedians are failed singers. I liked the comedy but I don’t think he needed to sing to be entertain ing.

  7. I find this disagreeable for the same reason that I find rap music disagreeable. The in-between zone between speaking and singing is something I have trouble dealing with, and I had trouble dealing with it when Arnold Schoenberg did it too, so I trust this is not snobbery. I like the sound of Kaye’s voice and a lot of the things he says.

  8. That was incredible! Thank you for sharing! Not that Rocky Horror Picture Show ever needs an update because it is perfect, but Reuben Kaye could give the Frankfurter character immortalized by Tim Curry’s performance a run for his money. Great singing chops and comedy in a magnificent package! Hope I see more of this!

  9. That was great, and now I know how I’ll spend the evening!

    For me, I very much got a Tim Minchin vibe. May be the Aussie twang, but they also both have their beat-poem delivery style down, with a very similar rhythm to their speech. Yes, you can take that as a recommendation – if so inclined, look on Youtube for “Storm by Tim Minchin” filmed at the Hammersmith Apollo 2009, that’s a great start.

    Now back to Reuben Kaye for me. I love new finds like this, thank you!

  10. Thank you, John, for brightening an otherwise dreary day. Will keep an eye out for more!

  11. @Terry:

    Wow! A new music subcategory: Genderqueerhop?

    Jizzjazz? Queenrock? Fabrap?

  12. Thanks for this. I really needed this. Reuben is really great. I will have to share this with my mother.

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