Hello From Cincinnati

I am here to be in conversation with author Holly Black tonight at the Joseph-Beth bookstore, which is great, because Holly Black is a genuine delight. And then tomorrow I am off to Berkeley, California, where I will be part of the Bay Area Book Festival, on a panel with Charlie Jane Anders and Mike Chen, both of whom are also delights. Honestly, this promises to be a delightful weekend all around, save possibly for the plane travel, but, well. That’s how one gets about.

Any plans for the weekend?

— JS

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  1. Working on a second draft, reading Kaiju Preservation Society, birding in the Maryland rain, enjoying a bacon cheeseburger and chocolate shake at a local restaurant.

    See you at the Gaithersburg Book Festival May 21.

  2. Avoid the local malls, John: I hear they sometimes get carpet-bombed with turkeys.

  3. Band concert tomorrow night, then a college commencement concert Sunday morning. If I get a bike ride in, it will be an ideal weekend.

  4. @David Rickard “As God is my witness, I thought turkey’s could fly!” 🤣

    Have fun in Cincinnati, Scalzi. Wonderful, lovely city but living maybe an hour away as you do, I’m sure you’re quite familiar with the area.

  5. Plans for the weekend? Sitting in my La-Z-Boy watching as many new Bosch episodes that are available, then watching as many Shameless season 2 episodes as I can.

    I’d try to get a life but I’m old, and most of what life has to offer is TV.

    Just kidding, I’m gonna see Dr Strange tomorrow morning, then figure it out.

  6. Enjoy Cinci! I plan on finishing up a couple 3-string guitar builds and hopefully getting some writing done on my 5th book, before studying for finals on Monday.

  7. Well, I’m already in Berkeley — I may check out the Book Festival. When is your panel scheduled?

  8. Yes, sitting inside and avoiding 50 degree temperatures, driving rain and 40-50 mph wind gusts! Another sh!tty weekend in a crappy New York Spring. Oh, and yesterday we got to go to the hospital in Midtown for my wife to take a preliminary eye test before cataract surgery. So, fun!

  9. I love Joseph-Beth bookstore. It’s the best! I was living in Lexington KY when it was just a baby. I wish there was something similar here in the Huntsville AL area. (If there was, maybe your publicist would schedule signings in this area….).

    Have a safe trip.

  10. David Rickard:
    stop KRaPing on Cincinnati
    besides it was only one helicopter-load
    and as readers with military service will confirm “anything can air-dropped once”

  11. My weekend? It’s Derby Day, so I’ll be glued to the set for most of this afternoon. 3 mile walk in a park this morning, chilly but clear and not too muddy. Tomorrow possibly a visit to a local historical reenactment place. Also reading Rex Stout, in which Fritz can apparently be in two places at once but neither of them is at home with the wife he suddenly acquired late in the series. It’s still Rex Stout, pretty good reading.

  12. I could tell you about taking the cats to the vet then doing laundry afterward. But you’d just be jealous.

    Also, just finished KPS. Delightful! tips hat

  13. I smell a WKRP reboot. I know the great Howard Hesseman is gone, so do you think you could play Johnny Fever?

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