View From a Hotel Window, 5/8/22: Berkeley

I’m here in town for the Bay Area Book Festival, and as always happy to be back in my original home state of California, if only for a day or two. Berkeley is lovely, and it’s a lovely day. My event, with Charlie Jane Anders and Mike Chen, will be a 2pm at the San Francisco Chronicle stage at the MLK Jr. Civic Center Park. Easy to find! Then I’ll be doing a signing nearby at 3pm.

Today is also Mother’s Day in the US, so if that’s a day you celebrate in one way or another, I hope you have a good one.

— JS

6 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 5/8/22: Berkeley”

  1. Hope you had a good time. Sorry I couldn’t come listen to you. But I bet there were plenty of fans there.

  2. I enjoyed the panel! Your comments were fun, especially hearing about the origins of Kaiju, and now I’m also motivated to read Mike Chen and Charlie Jane Anders books. As you said recently, both are delightful. Good to see you in the Bay Area.

  3. It strikes me as unusual to see an urban California view without a parking area, much less even any cars.

    Question: The metal plates all over the adjacent brick structure. Are those for earthquake mitigation?

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