Whatever News: The Return of Athena

Athena Scalzi! Picture taken today.

A housekeeping note that makes me pretty happy: Athena is coming returning to the regular rotation here at Whatever, for the summer at least. You can expect more of her particular brand of writing, with reviews of products and entertainment, personal essays and various other things she’s thinking about and wants to share. You know, whatever’s on her mind.

I’m happy about this because aside from making sure there’s new and interesting writing here, as a reader I enjoy her writing. Yes, I’m biased. Also, it’s good stuff independent of my bias. I know many of you were also wondering if she’d pop up again here; now you know. As noted, right now it’s for the summer, and after that we’ll see where things take us.

Seeing that Athena is returning on a regular basis, we’ll once again be posting our byline photos for our individual posts, just to be clear who is writing what. The exceptions to this will be Big Idea and New Books/ARCs posts, and very brief posts (one paragraph or less) where it doesn’t make sense to add those pictures in. With the super-short posts, we’ll add our initials at the bottom (and as always our actual names will populate up at top).

Welcome back, Athena! It’s good to have you back.

— JS

44 Comments on “Whatever News: The Return of Athena”

  1. Will this mean the return of snack box reviews? I hope so they were fun to read.

  2. I am eager to see Athena’s current thoughts on many things. Welcome back, Athena!

  3. Someone was talking about Mochi the other day, and my wife and I start discussing Athena’s snack box reviews, so good deal.

  4. Yeah
    Very happy to hear that Athena will be back writing for a time and I am looking forward to it

  5. Is it weird of me to think it’d be delightful if Athena someday wrote a series of novels that started with Young Woman’s War?

    Bonus points if it was in no way science fiction…


  6. Yay! I love Athena’s writing (especially personal essays). So happy to have her back in my feed.

  7. Thanks for the unalloyed good news. I look forward to Athena’s return to Whatever.

  8. I’m glad Athena is back. I’m looking forward to whatever it is she has to say, I think that’s because she has a ‘voice’ that resonates.

  9. Welcome back Athena! Looking forward to what you choose to share with us.

  10. That’s great news! I’ve missed Athens’s posts, and look forward to seeing them again.

  11. Welcome back to Athena! I enjoy her writing very much as well, so yeah, not just your opinion. She has an interesting and well articulated mind. Looking forward to what’s new with her.

  12. Excited to welcome her back! I look forward to reading whatever she feels like writing about as I enjoy her voice, her honesty, and her intelligence. And definitely look forward to more product reviews…she’s almost convinced me to try those snack boxes and that isn’t something I would normally see myself doing.

  13. With this positive review my her employer, I demand that Athena gets a well deserved raise!

  14. Welcome back Athena — I’m probably your furthest away reader (New Zealand, right at the bottom of the world). I’ve enjoyed your earlier posts and I’m looking forward to your new ones.


  15. I’m also a reader from New Zealand. We’re few in number but clearly we get around. Welcome back, Athena. I really enjoyed your work last time you were here.

  16. @reinharden Considering the current political climate, that might be more apropos than one wants. Nonetheless, welcome back Athena!

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