Here, Have a Full-Episode Sneak Preview of the New Season of Love Death and Robots

How long will this be up? Who knows! Enjoy it while you can. Also, I wrote this.

Update: No longer available, sorry. But now it’s up on Netflix, if you are a subscriber (or know someone who is).

— JS

23 Comments on “Here, Have a Full-Episode Sneak Preview of the New Season of Love Death and Robots”

  1. I love this series so much that I will actually skip this preview. I want to sit and watch a few at a time and just enjoy the heck out of it.

    So happy you wrote an installment. Love the work of you and all the writers… and artists and… Ha, I just love the darn series and all involved. ;-)

  2. Humans are truly the worst, but this was the best thing I’ve seen all day.

  3. Congratulations on another winner.

    It must be quite a rush seeing something you wrote turned into an episode like this.

  4. Very well done. And I remember the warm fuzzy feeling when I first read it. I loved it then, I love it now.

    I’m sure you are proud of your work and how it ignited thoughts and ideas in so many talented people. I’m just curious how do you reconcile the inevitable dissonance between your mental image while you wrote it and this take on your words? Also, how deeply were you involved in the process?

  5. You Sir, you have a tremendous command of the obvious. Nicely done!

  6. …only SLIGHTLY jealous

    now if you’ll excuse me there’s a nine dollar box of Chex cereal waiting for me… which I will now eat at a single seating as way of managing my jealousy

  7. SIGH…

    tried to indicate snark… but Emojies vanished

  8. Good to know that Netflix funded a third season of Love Death & Robots. Lately I don’t understand what their strategy is, since it seems to be “never stick behind a series to let it develop over time and gain a following”.

  9. Reminded me of watching Last Man On Earth.
    I also figured it’d be a cat who survived.
    Was the cat drinking some kind of milkarita?

  10. Jennifer, ‘milkarita’ is an absolutely ghastly concept, but it would probably pair well with one of John’s abominable Scalzi-ritos.

  11. Loved it! Thank you.
    And I was one of those surprised by the ending….

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