New Books and ARCs, 5/27/22

As we amble into the Memorial Day weekend here in the US, here is a nicely eclectic stack of new books and ARCs for you to consider. What here do you want to take into summer with you? Share in the comments!

— JS

9 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 5/27/22”

  1. Anything by Ruthanna Emrys will catch my eye.

    Apart from that, while I know nothing about “Nine Tenths” or its author, the title intrigues me somehow.

  2. Didn’t Skin Game come out five or six years ago? I remember reading it five or six years ago and I think it got short listed for the Hugo during the Sick Puppy fiasco, and won?

  3. I bought but haven’t read yet NINE TENTHS by Jeff Macfee, about a repo agent for supertech. It sounds fun.

  4. If I could only get one, it would be the Ruthana Emrys.

    And I just finished listening to The Kaiju Preservation Society for the umpteenth time (Wil Wheaton is fantastic). When the author’s note gets to “2020 was a year y’all” I just had to laugh. It certainly was, but 2021 wasn’t much better, and 2022 is trying to top them both. (Beyond wars in Ukraine, my city is currently trying piece itself back together after a Derecho last weekend tried to take out our electrical grid. Not to mention just how many trees were brought down)

  5. A lot sounds good here! I’m intrigued by Manibo’s “The Sleepless,” Emrys’s “A Half-Built Garden,” Macfee’s “Nine Tenths,” and White’s “August Kitko and the Mechas from Space.” :-D

  6. @Chris: This is the Subterranean Press limited edition of Skin Game, originally published by Roc book in 2014. They print 500 numbered and 26 lettered (all signed) copies of each book. I have been collecting them as they come out (over a decade now).

    As always, I want to state that I am NOT JEALOUS AT ALL that our host gets his for free. Nope, not even a little…

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