Iris, 5/28/22

It’s been raining on a more or less constant basis for the last couple of days here, which is no fun for various reasons but at least allows me to get in a couple nice photos of droplets on the irises in the front of the house. The good news is the rain is meant to take a break over the weekend, if not the clouds. I’ll take that. In the meantime: Flowers.

— JS

5 Comments on “Iris, 5/28/22”

  1. Beautiful! Do you know what that variety is called? I’m sure that Mrs. Scalzi does. Perhaps you could ask her. It looks like a pretty color & I’d like to try growing some.

  2. cats?

    any pictures of cats looking out at the rain? mocking humans for foolishly going out there and getting mucky?

    and while on the matter of cats, any recent bacon related cat photos?

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