Meet the New Boss

Today I formally did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: I created an LLC to handle my myriad business interests. I did this for various legal and financial reasons, none of which are probably of any real interest to anyone who is not actively involved in my day-to-day life. But it did mean that I, as the founder and owner, was able to hire a superbly capable and competent executive to run the company.

Please give a warm welcome to the new CEO of Scalzi Enterprises, LLC:

Kristine Blauser Scalzi, shown here with our Vice President in Charge of Being a Dog, Charlie.

My hiring of Ms. Scalzi should come as no real surprise to anyone; informally, she’s been managing almost everything Scalzi-related for a while now, and has been incredibly good at it, so this is just an acknowledgement of reality. Her hiring will allow me to continue to do what I do best, which is to make things up and schmooze people, and offend the world with “burritos.” This is a very fine division of labor.

I’m very much looking forward to working with Ms. Scalzi to make Scalzi Enterprises the foremost company in the highly-competitive field of Scalzi-related businesses. I expect great things from her, and from Scalzi Enterprises. Here’s to the future of both.

— JS

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  1. Please note that while indeed this announcement is jocularly made, Krissy will in fact be the CEO of the company, and will run and manage it. Because she’s awesomely competent, that’s why.

  2. One should always hire the most competent people one can when setting up a business. I would say you have found just that here.


  3. Dear Mrs. Scalzi, congratulations on your new position. Wishing you every success.

    Unfortunately I must register a complaint – one of your employees continues to show blatant disregard for the noble concept of the ‘burrito.’ Not a great look for your brand. Hoping you can address and rectify this.

    Thank you

  4. Does this replace Krissy’s day job, or is she able to manage you solely as a side gig?

  5. “My hiring of Ms. Scalzi should come as no real surprise to anyone”

    Definitely not to me. The moment I read you start to mention who the CEO was, I knew it would be her. Not that my opinion will or should matter a whit, but she seems the blatantly obvious choice.

    I’m just (very mildly) upset you derailed any jokes I might have come with about Charlie by preemptively coming up with a title for her. And a better one than I could have. I probably shouldn’t even be upset about that, given the default failure mode of clever being what it is.

  6. I was wondering if this is a side-hustle for Chief Scalzi or has Scalzi Enterprises decided to offer a healthcare plan?

  7. I think your choice of Kristine Blauser Scalzi for CEO of Scalzi Enterprises, LLC is an excellent choice. Clearly you recognize intellect and management abilities when you see it. Once again you have shown yourself to be one wise human being. (-:

  8. Congratulations Krissy and welcome news. As the new CEO, here’s hoping you can crack the whip on your corporate senior writer and see if we can’t see and enjoy some new production from him. I believe I can speak for fans everywhere in saying, “more, please.” ;-)

  9. Congratulations to the new corporate chief. I may need to contact her soon. When I retired Martha just made me her assistant to handle her email. I obviously need better career advice ;)

  10. Congratulations to Ms. Scalzi in taking on this new position (at least in title, since she was already doing the work). I hope she held out for a decent salary and not just stock options.
    Will the newly remodeled church become the corporate headquarters?

  11. I thought you had done this years ago. When I looked at the copyright for Kaiju Preservation Society a few weeks ago I was surprised that it wasn’t held by an LLC.

  12. Congratulations to the new CEO, I have no doubt she will do a fantastic job

  13. Congrats to Krissy! And to you for continueing recognizing her talents for 25(?) years.

    Slightly related anecdote: A few years ago my brother started a consulting business. Our sister asked if she could have a job and he said “Sure, a sister to the director.” She replied “What if I don’t want that job?” Brother, “It’s a little late to turn it down and I’m not sure you can,” and then more carefully enunciated her job title.

  14. Nicely done, you’ve built a powerhouse team there. I assume that the cats are silent partners? Ha. Have fun with the family business.

    Hey wait, a family business! Is the church you bought a front? What is really going on here? ;-)

  15. “Please note that while indeed this announcement is jocularly made, Krissy will in fact be the CEO of the company, and will run and manage it. Because she’s awesomely competent, that’s why.”

    The schmoozing begins. Let us know if you get the raise.

  16. I’d bet the church becomes a bookstore with a stage for readings and such and coffee shop for people to hang out at.

    Anyway: I hope the new CEO is compensated appropriately. :)

  17. …same as the old boss…
    …(sunglasses on)…
    …(primal scream)…


  18. You are best served by having Kristine as your boss and you are late in having done so.
    You should have done this, like, 30 years ago.
    Now you have someone that can do the needful, and smack you gently upside the head when you stop writing and start thinking about monstrous burritos.
    We now have an editor that we love and respect.

    To Kristine: whip him like the bald-headed step-child he has always been, and stop him from culinary nastiness.

  19. Wow dude, corporate nepotism in action. And just how much of a salary is that doggo pulling down? I understand they’re great for morale and getting the team to gel, but I think this is just one more sophont under your household getting paid from this “company”. Scam, I say, scam!

  20. Most importantly, she’s Charlie Approved.

    Congratulations to Krissy, who, with her previous experience with your varied enterprises and moods, will insure a free flowing supply of burrito ingredients for your creative pleasures, while keeping the receipts in order, for tax purposes.

    Much happiness and success to all at the Scalzi Compound!

  21. Congrats at being a corporate drone! (One of us, one of us) And I think the new CEO should petition the board for a raise. I mean, she’s gotta keep you in line, and that’s a big job. She should also explore the fascinating world of delayed compensation payments.

  22. Obviously only a preliminary step to your rollout of ScalziCoin, the only Web 5 BlockChain Financial Instrument backed by unlimited supplies of Snark.

    And, of course, protected from the vagaries of those inferior other coins by the simple truth that the failures and idiocies of other BitBros automatically increase the reserves of Snark.

  23. Before I scrolled fully down below the photo I confess I thought for a moment you’d made Charlie the CEO!