27 Years

I was going to say “sometimes you get lucky,” but I don’t think you get to 27 years of marriage by luck. I got lucky when I met Krissy. We’ve both been working on it since then to stay lucky. It’s worthwhile work. I hope to keep doing that work for at least as long as we have been at it already. The results speak for themselves!

— JS

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Yay happy marriages!

I never liked the phrase marriage is work until someone pointed out to me that work doesn’t have to be a negative thing that we have to get paid to do. Work doesn’t have to be hard. Work can be a joy. Work can be a vocation. Work can keep you from being bored. Fie upon this quiet life I want work.

Happy anniversary! We’re five years behind, but share the sentiments.

Congratulations. You’re right. You get to 27 years because you make a good team. It’s not all romance. My wife Christina and I will celebrate 39 years next month. I am grateful still to have her after she had major cancer surgery in February and spent 106 days in the hospital. I wish you and Krissy another 27 years and more.

Much congrats and wishes for many more!

My parents made 65, my mother passed away last September at 90. My wife and I made 13 a couple of weeks ago, I’m hoping to at least double that and we’ll see what happens.

There’s a bit on a David Wilcox album where he’s relating a conversation; a friend is complaining that building a relationship sounds like work.

David’s response: “It’s nice work, if you can get it.”

Mazel Tov! After 42-odd (some very odd) years, I can agree that it can be (and requires) work…sometimes the hardest work I’ve ever done, always the most worthwhile and most rewarding.

My wife and I met trekking in Nepal in 1980 and initially thought it was just a vacation romance. Marriage tip: once you get serious, wait to propose until she’s been trying to blow up an air mattress at 17,500 feet. If I recall correctly, her romantic response was “whatever…”

Well Krissy hasn’t aged a day. You’re doing not so bad yourself, in fact. We’re coming up on 25 years here. Hard to believe in so many ways, but mostly in the “how is this person still putting up with me” way. Congratulations to you both, here’s to another couple of 27s!

Congratulations to both of you! And best wishes towards the next 27!

One question: Knowing that consumer-level PhotoShop wasn’t yet a thing back then, how many steps are you standing on to level your height with Krissy’s?

Congratulations to both of you! She tolerated you for all this time and you accepted that. Kathy and I are headed to our 49th in December. She tolerated me and I accept that, gratefully. May you both go forward for at least that time. Love to you both.

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