New Books and ARCs, 6/17/22

This anniversary edition of new books and ARCs has some excellent limited editions from Subterranean Press along with new work from other publishers. What here is calling to you? Tell us in the comments!

— JS

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  1. Ray, yes. I’ve read all the Blocks – they are reprints (probably with new introductions) from early in Block’s career. A DIET OF TREACLE is set in the East Village and was originally published in 1961. KILLING CASTRO is exactly that – a guy is hired to go to Cuba and kill Fidel Castro, this written in 1961 (the year of the Bay of Pigs).

    They are all worth reading.

  2. I just finished Reynolds’ Eversion – really enjoyed the classic adventure tale style. Mexican Gothic is excellent too!

  3. Anything and everything by Lawrence Block is worth reading. He’s a master who’s been working his craft for 60+ years.

  4. Is it bad that the only author in that whole stack I’ve even heard of (and that only from a SF book youtube channel) is Alistair Reynolds?

  5. That spine text makes those Lawrence Block crime novels look more like Star Trek novels than anything else.

  6. Jade settlers could be interesting. The Jade series had a very interesting setting.

  7. I’ve read Mexican Gothic. Incredible. Jade Settlers looks interesting.

  8. Currently reading and enjoying The Grief of Stones! It’s one of a trilogy, but you can skip the first one (The Goblin Emperor) since it takes place in a slightly different part of the same world. Don’t get me wrong – I highly recommend The Goblin Emperor, but it’s not necessary to understand the third book. I do think you need to read the second book, The Witness for the Dead, before this one however. There are references that will make more sense if you’re familiar with the main character’s origin story. I don’t know how to classify The Grief of Stones, but if cozy high fantasy police procedural sounds like something you’d enjoy, then both that and The Witness for the Dead will be right up your alley!

  9. My copy of “The Jade Setter of Janloon” arrived yesterday and is on top of the to-be-read pile. It’s part of Fonda Lee’s excellent Green Bone series which is most excellent and highly recommended.

  10. @Nolan

    Jade – You must be quick off the mark.
    It’s now offered in pre-order for the 2nd edition (or available as an e-book).

  11. Thanks, everyone, for the discussion and advice. I have read the Goblin Emperor series and enjoyed it. There was quite a disconnect from the first novel to the second and third, but once I realized there was no more Goblin Emperor involved it just ran like any police procedural with magic.

    Have enjoyed Alastair Reynolds’ work for years, hope this one works out well for me.

    Recently Amazon stopped selling their e-books from the Kindle App on non-Google hardware, because Google wanted a 15% share of every transaction. This means I have to browse and buy books on a different device from the one I use to read the books. F U Google for making things harder just out of your own greed !!!