Day 2 of Santa Monica

The first thing I did for my second day in Santa Monica was get a pedicure. I figured if I was going to be wearing sandals everywhere, I should make my toenails purple! So I just popped by the closest nail salon I could find, and while the pedicure itself was totally fine and whatnot, I was very intrigued by the decor choices.

A large poster of a flying child hiding behind a flying penguin in a blue baseball cap and yellow shoes, fighting a flying goat man with wings under a moonlit sky.

I could not look away from this unique poster. I had no idea what was going on in it, or why the nail salon would choose to promote whatever it is. They had an entire glass case of merch of this strange penguin, as well.

A glass display case full of caps and backpacks that feature the penguin in the baseball cap.

Athena ScalziWhoever this penguin is, I guess his name is Norky? It was very strange, but hey everyone has their special interests. [ed. note: I have found the Norky Web page — JS] The lady that ran the place said she’s owned the salon for 23 years. That’s literally as long as I’ve been alive! So that was definitely an interesting experience.

After my pedicure, I popped next door to an art supply shop called Blick. I’m no artist, but I wanted to see if they had any neat stickers. Unfortunately, their sticker selection was slim, but it was definitely a cool shop regardless and I had very friendly service.

Then, I walked up the street to a frozen yogurt shop called Yoga-urt. I half expected it to be a yoga studio combined with a frozen yogurt shop, but it was just a normal fro-yo place.

Three blackboard menus against a pink wall. They list all the different flavors of fro-yo you can get.

Upon seeing the menu, I was impressed with how many choices there were. There were so many that sounded good, how could I possibly pick from all these flavors?! And then I realized that all those flavors listed are rotating flavors. They actually only had about five available. And none of the five they had were flavors I had been considering trying out.

Alas, I picked the pistachio, as I am a big fan of pistachio ice cream and figured the fro-yo version would be pretty good as well.

A waffle cone with a serving of swirly pistachio frozen yogurt.

The waffle cone was probably the best I’ve ever had. It was perfectly crunchy and sweet, and didn’t get soggy throughout the entire duration of me eating the fro-yo!

They did have toppings, too, but I just prefer plain usually.

A toppings station featuring blueberries, strawberries, gummy bears, chocolate chips, mochi, and brownie pieces.

Once I completed my fro-yo, I stopped by the market next door for a few more groceries and picked up this can of watermelon water.

A white can of watermelon water. Black letters read

(Don’t worry about my arm. It’s just poison ivy, I’m fine.)

This stuff was super good, it literally tasted like I was biting into a real slice of watermelon. Like if you just squeezed a watermelon into a can, this is exactly what it would be. I had never heard of watermelon water before, but I’m glad I impulse bought it. I definitely recommend it (you can actually order it on Amazon, too).

I also bought this glass bottle of chocolate milk because I am a chocolate milk FIEND, especially when it comes in fancy packaging.

A large, unlabeled glass bottle of chocolate milk.

This chocolate milk was pretty good, definitely not like astounding. But chocolate milk is almost always good, anyway.

Later that night, I wanted a late-night snack, so I looked up places that served food late. I found a place called Longitude, and headed out. Upon arriving, I realized it was inside a Marriott. I can’t believe I hadn’t realized when I looked it up that it was in a hotel. I debated on going in, since I wasn’t a guest of the hotel, but I had walked almost twenty minutes so I figured I might as well try it out.

Once I sat down inside, I was told the kitchen closed five minutes ago. The waiter offered to put in an order for me anyways, but I am not a fan of fucking over kitchen staff, so I said thanks but no thanks. The waiter then told me their online hours were wrong. I was a little miffed (not at him obviously).

I was still hungry, so I walked a little further to a place called Jameson’s Pub. Once I got there, the waitress informed me the kitchen was closing in two minutes. I swear these places keep saying online that their kitchens are open later! I’m not meaning to inconvenience people! I did actually place an order this time, though, at the waitress’s insistence, and got this pesto mac and cheese.

A small cast iron skillet of cavatappi with pine nuts on top.

Honestly, it was pretty mediocre. Which was disappointing because pesto mac and cheese sounded so good in that moment, so having some that was just okay was kind of a bummer. Also, there was a live music performance, which is so not my thing (too loud). Oh well, they can’t all be winners.

All in all, it was a pretty good day, and I got to try some cool new stuff! And the weather was perfect again! I am really starting to love it here.

Also, thank you to everyone on the last post that recommended places! I now have an extensive list of places to check out.

Also also, I know I didn’t include a cat picture in my previous post, and that’s because I wasn’t sure how the owner would feel about it, but then I realized I had already posted a pic of her on Twitter, so here you go! Her name is Lily and she is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met and I love her so much.

An extremely fluffy gray cat laying on its back, big green eyes looking at the camera.

Have a great day!


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  1. Chocolate milk is great so long as a hundred percent whole milk. Too many of the local chocolate milks are the damn fat free or two percent varieties. So I generally drink a half gallon a week,

  2. Chocolate milk is great so long as it is a hundred percent whole milk. Too many of the local chocolate milks are the damn fat free or two percent varieties. I generally drink a half gallon a week.

  3. What a fluff monster! If you liked Blick’s, they’re a chain and there might be one somewhere closer to you. We have them in Illinois at least. I love pistachio ice cream and that looks delicious! It’s one hundred degrees here, so I might mosey over to the store and get some.

  4. We have Blick’s down in Tampa, too. One of my girlfriend’s favorite stores, she is the watercolor type. Sometimes they do beginner’s classes, if you are interested.

    I have found that bar food is bar food, and is always mediocre.

    Beautiful cat, Lily.

  5. Yea, a shot of Lily. She looks very sweet.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I honestly love just walking around and trying things. Though not today. I’m about 350 miles north of you in the San Francisco Bay Area (Santa Clara) and we are running a 100 (F) degrees today so I’m inside all day. I love my AC… ;-)

    Enjoy your West Coast adventure.

  6. Blicks is definitely art supplies of the drawing and painting persuasion; Paper Source is better for stickers, stamps, scrap book, and collage stuff.

  7. Lily is the grey version of my #SamSam! The pistachio FroYo sounds amazing. As does the watermelon water. I am amazed that in the height of tourist season these places are closing early. Make a note to call ahead. Just so you aren’t inconvenienced.

  8. Are we gonna just roll right past the penguin cult? Wow, that website has. . . a lot going on.

  9. Thanks for sharing your world with us. Maybe you could do a post on the whole stickers thing sometime. What do you do with them when you get them?

  10. I… skimmed the entire Norky website. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard because it is, of course, all one GIANT page.

    I have questions. So many many questions. They are all fighting for primacy in my head. I fear I am at the mouth of peneagle madness.

  11. There’s a small collection of “Norky the Peneagle” videos on YouTube. Apparently he shows up at small community parades and events at places like model railroad parks. Most are from before 2011, but is one from 2021! There are mentions of a tv show and a movie (and even a photo of Norky with John Ratzenburger, of all people) but no ready evidence they were ever made—unless maybe it was an something produced for the International market and isn’t in English. If I were in LA with you, Athena, I’d wander back to that pedicure place and ask ALL the questions.

  12. You will no doubt be glad to know that we do not have poison ivy in the west (that I’ve heard of), instead we have poison oak!

    My favorite radio station in KCRW in Santa Monica.

  13. Pretty cat, great photo. Thanks for sharing.

    That pasta dish might be a lot better with some local loco hot sauce on it…?

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