Daily Archives: June 29, 2022

A Personal History of Music, Day 29: “Boys,” by Charli XCX

This one’s appearance on my personal playlist is not complicated: It’s just so delightfully and almost innocently randy that it just makes me laugh and be happy. Whomst amongst us has not been where Charli XCX is in this song: So blissfully wrapped up in thinking about the objects of their affection that everything else […]

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The Big Idea: Andrew Liptak

Cosplay. You know it, you love it. And so does author Andrew Liptak. Follow along in the Big Idea for his book, Cosplay: A History, to see how cosplay isn’t just about costumes, it’s about community. ANDREW LIPTAK: When you’re doing something that seems patently ridiculous, it helps to have friends who’re there with you.  I’ve […]

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