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The Big Idea: Erica Friedman

We are all part of some sort of fandom, and some fandoms are better known than others. In By Your Side, author Erica Friedman explores a vital, but possibly lesser-known, group of fans. ERICA FRIEDMAN: Every day someone discovers a new fandom. How awesome is that? Right away that new fan takes in all the […]

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The Big Idea: Alex Shvartsman

Magic, monsters, and New York Style pizza. Three things you can expect to find in author Alex Shvartsman’s newest book,┬áThe Middling Afflication. Come along in this Big Idea to see what else lies within the city that never sleeps. ALEX SHVARTSMAN: The big idea behind The Middling Affliction is actually three middling ideas stacked on […]

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The Big Idea: B. L. Blanchard

If you could rewrite history, what would your version of it look like? Author B. L. Blanchard took up the challenge in her newest book,┬áThe Peace Keeper. Find out how her new past looks today. B. L. BLANCHARD: What if North America had never been colonized? Sit with that idea for a minute, and really […]

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