Status Update, 7/1/22

For the second day in a row, I feel perfectly fine; still a little tired, but at this point I suspect that has more to do with being on my ass for the last couple of weeks as it does with having been sick. My brain is also waking up a bit more, which is important for my line of work. I’m not planning to run a marathon anytime soon, but I feel pretty positive (so to speak) that the worst of it is behind me.

Which is nice because the last couple of weeks have been a total loss, writing-wise, and that book I have due is not going to write itself, ALAS. My editor has been super-cool about telling me not to stress myself and to recover, which I appreciate. That said, I’m behind and I’m getting antsy. I am going to be mindful of not overtaxing my brain; also, I’ve gone about as far on the “doing nothing” train as I can handle. I’m super lazy, but it turns out there’s a difference between “lazy” and “enforced inactivity.” Two weeks of the latter seems my limit.

It’s a national holiday weekend, so I expect I’ll spend a large portion of it being mellow, and keeping my pets from freaking out about explosions. After that: Back into the swing of things, I think, gently as possible. It’s time.

— JS

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  1. Glad you’re feeling better. And I understand that if you try to do too much too soon that can have lasting impacts.

  2. It’s good to hear that you’re feeling some better. We have all read about the plagues of the ancient world, yellow fever and other widespread diseases during the 1800’s and the so-called “Spanish” flu of the early 1900s. I’ve decided it’s better to read about them than experience them.

  3. I’m really glad you’re getting better, not only as a fellow human being who wishes the best for all, but also because I only found your books a few months ago and I’m in heaven! I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much enjoyment you are providing. I’m disabled so I do a lot of reading and finding an author who is consistently entertaining is like winning the lottery and, not just the lottery, but the mega-bucks lottery. Plus, your books are not just one time reads, they’re books that beg to be read several times, which I intend to do. I hope you are aware that you are not just writing books, you are touching the lives of others and thereby improving those lives. I hope you never stop! You have my undying thanks!

  4. Thundershirt: the best ever remedy for pet firework stress … also works for thunderstorms. (It’s right there in the name. 😉)

  5. Welcome back to the land of the functional! With luck, this will be the end of your Covid journey. With the interesting times we live in, it may just be the tale of the first time you got SARS-COV-2. May we live in less interesting times.

    (FWIW: my infection, trailing yours by a couple of days, seems on the same trajectory – fingers crossed)

  6. [Deleted because Fred is attempting to be unpleasant, and succeeding only in being pathetic. Shoo, Fred – JS]

  7. I’m really glad you’re feeling better, and agree that you shouldn’t jump back into normalcy too aggressively. Take it easy. Holidays are for chilling.

    Locally, there’s a huge “Sternwheel Regatta” on the river in town. Live music, dozens of food booths, great old-fashioned river boats doing water-borne things with much splashing. Also, though, huge crowds and really hot weather. Also rainy, so humidity. We’ve been to this festival several times, but not this year. Too strenuous, too crowded, too much.

    Maybe next year? The last regatta was 2009, so this is kind of a resurrection, I do hope it continues next year, the historic boats fascinate me. As a small kid in the ’50s and ’60s I used to sit on the river bank and watch old working steam sternwheel tugs pushing cargo up and down the river. No crowd, just working history on the river.

  8. Free joke:

    How can you tell if someone has run a marathon?

    Don’t worry, they’ll tell you :-)

    Glad to hear you are getting better!

  9. the good news?

    you’ve now done all the research necessary to write your version of a zombie apocalypse multi-volume saga (ZAMVS)… I’ve been chewing thru several additions to John Ringo’s version of a ZAMVS… pre-covid it was a fun read… now? not so much…

    it would be interesting to see what John Scalzi could stir up for a ZAMVS…

    it would involve burritos… of course!

    maybe gluing bacon to feral cats to lure off the Z’s so survivors could make a break for safety onto a docked cruise ship…?

    and a loyal self-driving EV truck rather than a horse…?

    hey… you could film it yourself! you got a (ex)church! plenty of locals to work cheap as Zs! kids with iPhones all see themselves as the next Gorge Lucas! …low-low budget!

    …oh I better lay down I’m getting all Netflix pitch a-tingly

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