Hey Scalzi, What’s Up With the Church?

Funny you should ask, I was just over there to take a look. We are (hopefully) in the end game of renovation; all the major foundational things have been addressed, including a few not-exactly-welcome surprise issues — because there are always surprise issues with 80-year-old structures — and at this point everything left to do is (mostly) cosmetic. Some of these are less cosmetic than others (for example, the railing for the balcony, so people don’t, you know, fall from a largish height), but in all there’s a schedule and with luck (again, this being a major renovation), we’ll keep to it.

When the renovation is done, we won’t be done with everything we have to do, because then we actually have to furnish and prep it for use, and that will take more time and money. I reiterate: If you’re wondering what my new expensive hobby is, here you go. I’m still pretty excited about it, I have to say.

Hope your Independence Day weekend (if you’re in the US, first weekend of July everywhere else) is going swimmingly.

— JS

16 Comments on “Hey Scalzi, What’s Up With the Church?”

  1. If you’re wondering what my new expensive hobby is, here you go.

    I still don’t understand what the expensive new hobby actually is. Did I miss something? When finished, what will this space be used for?

  2. He has not stated the intended purpose of the church yet. I suspect “entertainment venue,” but what do I know.

    I think the “hobby” is remodeling at the moment.

  3. I’m still convinced that John is going to convert this space into a theater, and that this is his round-about way of introducing us into his new career as a playwright.

  4. Brandon Perkins: There are easier ways to get your plays produced. Producing them yourself is NOT the best way to go about it. (How do I know? Am I speaking from experience? Am I experiencing this RIGHT NOW AT THIS MNUTE? Well….).

    Now, MUSICAL performance might be a possibility

  5. I think the church is brilliant.
    Circumstances several years ago required me to become the bishop of Stirling City.
    A financial and survival decision.
    Church”s and congragstions seem to run in the family.
    Congratulations I wish you nothing but pleasure and joy from your church and congragstions.

  6. Whenever you mention your church, I keep thinking of the Hayley Mills version of the movie “Pollyanna” where she delivers the line, “No one can own a church”. Did you watch the movie and decide to dish it to Little Miss Positive? I mean in a good way.

  7. Remember Cheops’s laws of construction or renovation:

    1.) It will take longer.

    2.) It will cost more.

    3.) Immigrant Israelite laborers can be troublesome.

  8. A, renovation/additions to an old building. Our house was built in 1870. Predates even gas piping. Some pretty amazing things were revealed when the lath and plaster came off.

  9. I am enjoying the suspense. I am hoping you’re adding four more steeples to your church so you have the perfect venue to perform on your five-necked guitar. That and a burrito test kitchen in the back.

  10. I’m speculating that the hobby is “purchasing and renovating churches”.

    See, this is not just a one-off. This is merely the first church of Scalzi.

  11. I know I don’t get one, but my vote is for Scalzi’s Pool Palace, Arcade, and Burrito Bar.

    Billiards on the balcony, pinball and arcade consoles on the main floor. The acoustics would be amazing and most likely deafening at the same time.

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