Sky, Tree, Dog, Grass

Wherever you are in the world at the moment, I hope you can enjoy and appreciate this small moment of bucolic Midwest splendor.

That’s what I have for this Saturday, but I think it’s enough. Look, a dog! And a tree! What more do you need?

— JS

10 Comments on “Sky, Tree, Dog, Grass”

  1. Gorgeous. And according to Google the humidity hasn’t hit yet, so you can enjoy it.

    Looks like something out of a Clifford D. Simak story.

    Speaking of forgotten SFF authors, this would be a good title if you ever decide to write a reboot/sequel to Grass by Sheri S. Tepper.

  2. Family reunion; old folks telling stories, kids playing, good comfort food.

  3. Sometimes the dichotomy between my comfortable personal life and the general state of the country/world is so enormous it defies description.

  4. I will be driving through Ohio on I75 tomorrow I will waive as I drive by.

  5. be advised “L”

    your post of “Ketchup. Plate. Wall. Tantrum. Prison.” has been plagiarized for a future TW


    “Insurrection. Investigation. Squeal. Evidence. Consequences.”

    “Tantrum. Ketchup. Plate. Wall. Prison.”

  6. My brain was contaminated just before coming here by a comic on looking at the world as a jigsaw puzzler. So now all I can think is Too much blue, Too much green.
    Charley (I almost called her Daisy) almost makes up for that.

  7. @Howard_NYC
    The “ketchup plate wall tantrum prison” version of the “memory test” isn’t mine. It started going around shortly after Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony. I wish I knew who came up with it so I could credit them

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