Some New Music From Me, For You

Because I was fiddling around with my musical instruments today, that’s why, and was feeling a bit synth-y and Vince Clarke-ish. I actually played every instrument on this track, save the drums, which were your basic EDM beat out of a drum machine. It doesn’t have a name other than “7/16/22” because apparently I used all my creativity on the track. Maybe I’ll give an actual name somewhere. No, I’m not giving up my day job. But I’m having fun, which is the important thing. Enjoy.

Also, if you like it, here’s an mp3 file of it.

— JS

12 Comments on “Some New Music From Me, For You”

  1. John,

    Well, I liked it. It is a style of music I like.

    But I am biased in that I love your novels, so yes, keep the day job. But then again, never say never…

  2. That preview image makes it look like you were murdered by your cat. Cool music though.

  3. Yeah, that day job of yours? You’re fuckin’ good at that! I think you should keep it!

    I’d complain about you wasting three minutes of my time if you were anyone else, Can’t really do that here, because you’ve given me hundreds of hours of fun reading. So it’s a drop in the ocean, this.

    I’m glad you had fun! Fun is important! But I wouldn’t mind it if you got back to your day job!

  4. Ack. I thought your cat, John, had just died. No kidding–look again. Then I remembered none of your cats was named John. Confusion!

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