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Universal Yums: July 2022 Review

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another Universal Yums review! Today’s review features my dad as a co-reviewer, so you get double the opinion for the same low low price of free! July’s box full of snacks comes to us all the way from India. Here’s the assortment: There are ten snacks total, and three of […]

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The Big Idea: Jackson Bliss

Life is full of decisions, and sometimes those decisions can be tough. For author Jackson Bliss, making decisions was the driving force behind his newest novel,┬áDream Pop Origami. Read on to see how one’s decisions will impact the story. JACKSON BLISS: Dream Pop Origami is based on a single big idea I had in grad […]

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Spice, the Mighty Hunter

I came downstairs this morning to Spice on the kitchen counter, which is a place she is generally never on, so I figured something was up. Sure enough, Spice was hunting prey, in this case an adult antlion, which had positioned itself just out of paw-swatting reach. The antlion was escorted outside via a small […]

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