Trying Out A New Recipe: Blueberry Crumb Cake

Athena ScalziThe first time I got into cooking videos on YouTube was back in 2012, when I was thirteen. And the channel that got me into cooking videos was a channel called Kin Community. There were several different content creators that all made their own videos and then posted under Kin Community’s channel, but the only one I was interested in was a woman named Beth.

I’m not sure when, but eventually she broke off from Kin Community and became her own channel, Entertaining With Beth, and I stopped watching Kin Community (now just called Kin) after she left. She ended up being my favorite cooking person on YouTube for years to come, and just generally my favorite creator on YouTube for a while there. I even wrote a post over her back in 2018 talking about how awesome her recipes are and how much I love her channel.

Funnily enough, I’ve only made a handful of her recipes throughout the years, but there is one that I have consistently made that I love, and that’s her Blueberry Lemon Muffins. I used to have a screenshot of the recipe, but when I went to make the muffins recently, I couldn’t find the screenshot. I checked her website to see if she had it there. And in my searching, I found a Blueberry Crumble Cake recipe. I thought I’d move on from the muffins and try something new. And boy am I glad I did! This recipe was surprisingly easy, and the results were super yummy!

For the ingredients list, it’s all standard stuff that you probably wouldn’t have to make a trip to the store for, other than the blueberries (but I had blueberries which is why I had been looking for a way to use them in the first place). There’s no complicated ingredient like Dutch process cocoa powder or vanilla bean paste, there’s pretty much just regular ol’ flour, some vanilla, butter, a couple of eggs, and sugar. Easy peasy.

You just put all that in a bowl and mix until you get this:

A silver mixing bowl with off-white batter in it. An off-white rubber spatula rests in the batter.

After you gently stir in the blueberries, you just put it in your greased pan:

A square silver baking pan with the batter spread in an even layer in it.

And then you make the topping, which is just more of what was already required for the cake itself! So convenient. I will say, though, that my butter wasn’t very cold by the time I got to this step so my topping ended up much more cohesive than a “crumble” topping probably should be:

A white mixing bowl with a lump of light brown sugar/butter mixture in it. It looks like wet sand.

This was definitely supposed to be more like dry sand and less like wet sand, but it’s fine, I covered the surface perfectly if I do say so myself:

The square silver baking sheet, filled with the batter, which is now topped with the cinnamon/sugar/butter crumble top mixture.

45 minutes later, BAM:

The fully baked crumble cake, with a golden brown top. Some blueberries are visible.

Golden brown, baybee.

I was so excited that I cut into them way too soon, and my first piece completely lost all its structural integrity.

A black plate with a completely fallen apart piece of blueberry crumb cake sitting on it. It's a total mess.

I was upset because I didn’t realize the only reason that this happened was because I didn’t let them cool. I just thought they’d all be like this and that it was a total failure. But that was not the case! I had more patience, and the second one came out like this:

Me, holding a piece of the cake so you can see the insides and all the blueberries and whatnot.

And don’t ask me why I’m holding it like I have LEGO hands.

Four squares of the cake sitting alongside each other on a black plate.

So, yeah, badda bing badda boom, blueberry crumble cake!

I highly recommend giving this recipe a try. It was so easy and came together quickly. Also, it tastes awesome! I will for sure be making this again in the future.


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  1. When you’re making a crumble topping, mix the sugar/butter/flour etc & then put the bowl back in the fridge until you use it. That way the butter stays hard.
    If your slice breaks apart when you take it out of the pan, put a big ol’ scoop of ice cream on it. FTFY!

  2. Ha, I also snorted at Lego hands. Your cake looks perfectly simple and delicious. And blueberries are so good right now.

  3. Yum! If you’re looking for more YouTube cooking content, I really enjoy Sorted Food. They’re a group of lads from London who have been friends since school. One is a chef, the other two are “normals” and generally hijinx ensue. I think I enjoy that they don’t take themselves too seriously.

  4. That looks amazing! So moist! And you could put anything in it.
    I’m probably overstepping here, but I’ve noticed almost all of your writing involves food/cooking. I’ve followed how you have struggled with college. Have you ever thought about culinary school? There would also be so many ways to incorporate it with your talent for writing.

  5. Bakers habitually pop butter and butter containing materials back into the refrigerator when not in active use.

    Next time, try doing what I habitually do — substitute some of the flour in the topping with rolled oats. You’ll be glad you did.

  6. The blueberry crumble looks delicious. Based on the picture of the piece that fell apart, the texture looks amazing. Colder butter might make the crumble layer more distinct from the rest of the cake, but I’m sure noone would complain about it as is.

    I looked up Entertaining With Beth and she has a video about making baked Eggplant Parmesan that I will probably watch. Right now I’m into Beryl Shereshewsky’s cooking videos. People contribute recipes from different countries and regions. Most of the recipes are more like quick, cheap meals rather than baking, though.

  7. If you’re interested, have you considered branching out into breakfast, lunch and dinner foods?

    When I was learning to cook, I also started with baking. Similar to baking, it’s a lot easier to learn to cook the savory food items if you’ve got several people to sample them with you.

    I really like Serious Eats recipes, they’re well developed and tested:

    Also, as much as I loved baked goods, it ended up being my savory food cooking skills that I needed to use to save money once I moved out of my childhood home! Until I got better at cooking stuff like lunch and dinner, I ended up boring way too much money on takeout. 😭😭😭

  8. Your “LEGO hands” apparently was so funny that my sister had to email it to me before I could even read your post. Without even a spoiler warning!
    Also, that Roberta above is in no way known to me, and yet we both are commenting on the LEGO hands. Coincidence? Or conspiracy theory, because isn’t everything?

  9. I smiled at “Lego hands” because I just learned the term recently, in the context of a waltz workshop!
    More importantly, thanks for describing the recipe and results. My mouth is watering. Glad it turned out so well!

  10. First piece of pie, cake, lasagna, whatever, will always fall apart if you cut into it before it cools. So what? It’s always the best, and you have to do it, and I do it to this day even though I know better, unless the item is for a party or something with guests who might care about that missing piece and the shrunken mass around it.

  11. I always enjoy your cooking posts. This recipe sounds amazing. (And only 125 calories a serving! I’m trying to lose weight, but can definitely fit a piece of this into my daily calorie allotment. )

  12. cakes having “completely lost all its structural integrity”

    …and now I’m gonna havta write a parody of Star Trek: The Next Generation wherein the ship’s bakery — yes I’ll be ignoring there are replicators — has a catastrophic failure of cakes leading to Cmdr Data to surmise there’s a gravitational anomaly in the oven, possibly a quantum singularity

    BTW: post missing your overly cheery “have a nice day!” sign off

  13. Thanks for the post and recipe link – I made it this evening and it’s nom. Just waiting for guests to arrive for wider feedback. I had a similar problem with the crumble topping despite reducing the amount of butter (because it’s so warm here my butter is super soft), so I added a little more flour to get the right crumbly texture.

  14. I don’t know what it is about blueberrys, I hate them plain but love them in baked goods. It’s a mystery…

    I think I’ll give these a try, adding lemon ala “Blueberry Lemon Muffins.”

    But not until later in the year. When it’s over 95 degrees out, the oven stays OFF.

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