House For Sale in Bradford

Not the one we live in, but one that we own. We bought this house for Krissy’s mother several years ago and in the time since upgraded it rather considerably, including building a garage and a lovely pergola in the back yard. We recently moved Krissy’s mom to a newer, ranch-style house, so this one with all its improvements is back on the market as of this very morning. Here’s the actual listing. Please note that if you live in a coastal state, you may grind your teeth at the pricing. Welcome to small town Midwest house prices!

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By John Scalzi

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The pergola really is lovely; it was the first thing that caught my eye in the listing photos. (Unsurprisingly, the first thing that caught my eye in the listing overall was the price. Big sigh.)

I love the porch.

Also, I’ve seen so many Zillow Gone Wild posts in recent months that I was disappointed at how boringly normal this house is.


Okay, leaving now! Broker on the phone! Quick question: is it far enough away from your place that I’ll never have to see your hobbity feet unless I stop by?

See you soon, neighbor!

Beautiful home, and built in 1900! Love the history behind that. As someone who lives in the CA Bay Area (Silicon Valley) seeing the price my first thought was, “I’d like three please…” ;-)

Thank you for sharing this.

We live in a coastal state and yes this is crazy! Here’s a thought, we buy it and then hilarity ensues as the town John Scalzi population doubles in size!!
Best of luck! Someone is going to be very happy there!

Lots of updates, and it looks like it will show exceptionally well. Here’s wishing you multiple offers and for the buyer(s) to be both easy to work with and delighted with their new home.

Jim Young already noted the 22 car garage. That was my favorite (and the only) typo I noticed, mostly because, indeed, that would be awesome, all right!

You’re right I almost choked on my coffee.
Nice house.
Too bad none of my sister’s kids are looking at the Mid-West, she’s been looking and seen herself priced out of anything on the West Coast…

As a guy who is from and lives in the SF Bay Area, I see things like this and they’re tempting, then I remember every time I’ve visited family in Iowa. I like my Bay Area low humidity and lack of Trump lawn signs.

I’d be happy to have housing prices in my coastal area come down significantly, not so much for me as because I want my friends and cow-orkers to be able to afford to live here. Sadly things just keep getting more and more insane.

@Ben Longman: Oh look, you’re in the same area! Having just spent a week and a half in Boston during a heat wave I am definitely appreciating the low humidity we have.

I love the house. Really nice. But no, I could NOT live in Bradford or in Darke County in general, unless I was in Witness Protection. Good luck with the sale.

Up here in Michigan (still midwest… I think) this house would list for well north of $200K. Probably closer to $300K in my area. Good luck with selling the place and I hope your mother-in-law likes her new place too.

::Please note that if you live in a coastal state, you may grind your teeth at the pricing. Welcome to small town Midwest house prices!::

Yes, but then you have to live in a Deep Red State where all your neighbors think Donald Trump is the Second Coming, and Joe Biden is a “Communist”!

Thank you, no – I’m moving back to New York City where I can live with like-minded people rather than a bunch of belligerent Jesus Freaks and Trump Nazi cultists. I don’t care HOW low the housing cost is – I’d rather rent anyway.

“…don’t worry about pets or children as the back yard is completely fenced in.”

Phew! Roving packs of children and/or pets are something I’ve had trouble with in previous houses and it’s nice to know this house provides protection against that.

RickH: . . . looking at the pictures of the stairs, was wondering if local building code doesn’t require handrails for the stairs?

I suspect only on open stairs, not enclosed ones–and both of those pictured seemed to have walls on each side.

It is a nice house. Three bedrooms is a good size for both families and childless couples. Thanks for posting the link to the pictures/listing; I particularly enjoyed examining the kitchen (and seeing what seems to have maybe happened to the price in 2008–ouch!). Good luck selling it!

Huh. That’s actually sort of tempting. Problem is, I recently took a new job in Kettering, and Bradford is entirely the wrong direction for me to move.

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