Daily Archives: August 11, 2022

The Kaiju Preservation Society a Finalist for the Dragon Award

And, well, that’s pretty damn cool. Here’s the whole ballot of finalists, and at the bottom of that I’ll put in a link so you can go vote for whomever you like. 1. Best Science Fiction NovelLeviathan Falls by James S.A. CoreyThe Kaiju Preservation Society by John ScalziGoliath: A Novel by Tochi OnyebuchiYou Sexy Thing by Cat RamboShards of […]

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Some Thoughts on AI Art

First, this one is called “Deep in your heart there is a sunlight so hot that it makes you love people. That’s why you love people,” and its inspiration is a little poem my daughter wrote on her sixth birthday. I gave the whole poem to the AI art generator Midjourney as a prompt, and […]

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