New Music From Me: “8/13/22 (They Were Not Aware They Had Become Ghosts)”

More fiddling about with my DAW and musical equipment. This one is noisy and saturated and the drums have more echo on them than is perhaps wise, but I kinda like it, which is why I’m sharing it. I suspect this is may be an early draft of something else (which is to say I’m thinking about whether or not I can put some lyrics to it), but in the meantime, here, enjoy.

— JS

15 Comments on “New Music From Me: “8/13/22 (They Were Not Aware They Had Become Ghosts)””

  1. Nice, John! A lovely 80s Goth / Cure vibe to it. Agree that the echo is pushing it a bit, & would benefit from a proper studio mix. A big thumbs up from this former audio engineer.

  2. Is the cover art AI-generated, homemade, or from someone on the internet, out of curiosity?

  3. Lovely. I get the sense we listened to a lot of the same music in the 90s.

    Also, there is no such thing as too much reverb on drums. Just ask Dr. Avalanche.

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