Your Weekend Cat

I had the Midjourney AI art generator give me a few pictures of a cat in a library, in the style of Gustav Klimt. This was my favorite, both for the absolutely unimpressed expression but also because in the cat’s “fur” you can see hints of books and bookshelves, which is actually quite clever for an artist without actual sentience. It was worth sharing on this slow summer weekend, so here it is. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Maybe read a book.

— JS

13 Comments on “Your Weekend Cat”

  1. I’m impressed. That’s a legitimately excellent piece.
    (For context, my whole family are/were visual artists, including 4 painters.)

  2. I like cats. And books. And cats in front of books. And books in cats.

    This is pretty neat.

  3. I like it – if the library shelves were a little clearer, it might say something about cats and libraries and being restful.

    But it’s not bad for an AI-generated work of art.

  4. I am quite certain that’s art, but I’m a bit confused about who the artist is.

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