“Travel By Bullet,” the Third Installment of The Dispatcher Series, Is Out!

John Scalzi

I’m running around Chicago at Worldcon right now, so allow me to copy and paste the Twitter thread I used to announce it:

Happy September! “Travel By Bullet” the 3rd installment of the “Dispatcher” series, is now live on @audible_com, read as always by the incomparable @ZacharyQuinto. I’m so excited you can hear this story now, and dive back into this world I love writing.

"Travel By Bullet," as with the other two installments of the Dispatcher series, is part of @audible_com's "Audible Plus" catalogue: if you have the standard Audible subscription, you can listen to it at no additional cost. So if you're new to the series, it's easy to catch up.

The Dispatcher series takes place in a world where intentionally killed people come back, which give rise to a new class of pro killers, like our protagonist, Tony Valdez. This time, Tony's friend accidentally draws him into a world of deception and corruption and crime.

The Dispatcher series is also my love letter to Chicago, one of my favorite places in the US (and where I am right now for @chicagoworldcon). I went to school here and it's always fun to fictionally walk its streets in these stories.

I'm grateful @audible_com found a place for these stories, and gave them to @ZacharyQuinto to read. He's the perfect Tony Valdez, and hearing him tell the tale gives me a way to listen to my own story as if for the first time. I'm a fan of the series through him.

So, enjoy "Travel By Bullet"! It may be the most fun you can have with your ears today.

Originally tweeted by John Scalzi (@scalzi) on September 1, 2022.

— JS

13 Comments on ““Travel By Bullet,” the Third Installment of The Dispatcher Series, Is Out!”

  1. I’m usually an ebook/text kind of guy, but I made an exception for the first two Dispatcher stories and Quinto is a great reader.

  2. Love these stories, John. Do you think they would play well on television, or as a streaming series? Or the big screen? Thanks.

  3. Yay! Fantastic! I love this series and this could not have come at a better time as I just finished an audiobook and was wondering what to listen to next. Happy Release Day!

  4. Happy (audio) book birthday to you! It’s a fun premise in this series, I’ll be waiting on the ebook side but happy to know it’s coming soon (TM)

  5. Thanks for the new Dispatcher book, John.
    I’m looking forward to listening to it.
    Will it be out in book form, as well.

    Enjoy Chicago

  6. I will probably wait for the e-book. I tried to listen to the second installment, but I didn’t want to sign up for a service. I just wanted to buy (a license to download and keep and listen to) a copy of the audio file for that one book. I was able to do that somehow for the first book.

    For the second installment, I waited for the e-book and when it arrived, I had it read to me using text-to-speech. It isn’t as good as hearing Zachary Quinto’s voice, but it works for me.

    And here’s the thing: After hearing Quinto read the first installment as many years ago as it was released, I have the character associated with him in my mind. I don’t see anyone else playing the part in the TV series or movie you couldn’t tell us about quite yet.

    Listening to the second installment read by the almost real female sounding voice of my iPhone, I nonetheless translated it in my head to Quinto. If I thought back to previous events in the same book I heard Quinto’s voice describing those events and saw Quinto’s face.

  7. This is a most excellent surprise for today! I love the Dispatcher series and Zachary Quinto kills it with the narration!

  8. since I loathe audio books so just gonna havta wait a couple years

    as universes go, “dispatcherverse” (?) gets points for twisting reality like pretzel soaked in LSD… I’ve been trying to come up with fanfic suited to it without any decent notions… just too strange

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