Back From Chicago

Where I was in town for the Worldcon, at which I did panels, hung out with friends, and DJ’d a dance. Aside from the fact I gave myself a sore ankle from walking so much, it was a lovely time. And no, I didn’t win any Hugos; you have to be a finalist first for that, and I wasn’t this year. But there were some excellent winners! Here’s the list if you’ve not seen it.

For me, however, this year was about seeing friends, some of whom I have no seen since before COVID, and also, getting to take a vacation with Krissy, because I dig spending time with her. Friends and Krissy made for a great Labor Day weekend in Chicago. Hope your weekend was also lovely, wherever you spent it, and whomever you spent it with.

— JS

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  1. Glad you had a good time.

    I want to thank you for posting about the nominees for the Hugo’s a while back. I was able to read a few of them before last night, and karma was such that I just got the Becky Chambers novella yesterday via library loan.

    The new voices in science fiction and fantasy have renewed my love for the genre. Thanks for promoting them so I know of them now!

  2. I saw you in passing. It was a good con. Though I know I’m going to regret my position as a moderator for JOFS over the next few weeks.

  3. Great pic of Krissy, she’s wearing a cool shirt. I can’t make out what it is for except it has a 45 on it. Sadly, a former president has ruined that number for me.

    Hope to attend a Worldcon someday.

  4. That’s a great architectural photo! Krissy is incomparable, of course.

    Glad that you had a good time. My weekend was mostly good, but we are sweltering here in California. Oakland was around 100 for part of the day and I have heard of temperatures up to 116 elsewhere.

  5. Stayed virtual this year (too old for travel under current conditions). It was interesting. Quite a few open spots at the virtual table talks (aka kaffeeklatsches). Haven’t run into that before. Maybe some communication issues. New platform for many of us (airmeet).

    Chengdu is expected to do a lot virtually. There’s a lot
    of detail to work through in not such a long time.

    Hoping to make Glasgow in person. Likely to be older by then, but other things may be more favorable.

  6. I was also in Chicago this weekend (for the first time!). That’s a great shot of one of the Marina Towers – there are SO many incredible buildings in that city. Glad you had a great time, we certainly did, too.

    Great shot of Krissy as well, but you missed an opportunity to have the Trib building in the background (my favorite building in the city – flying buttresses!), but you were understandably focused on the foreground.

  7. Chris S: the art on Krissy’s shirt is the cover art for a really great book where I can’t remember the title or the author, but I know it was featured here on Whatever some time in the last 10 years.

    Can anyone help me remember what that book is? I think it’s part of a series or world, and it’s about a child assassin. And a ox plays an important part in the ending. (This is where my brain is super unhelpful, I remember most of the book’s plot but not the things that help me search it out online.)

  8. Nice photos, but that structure behind Krissy’s left shoulder really shouldn’t appear on a respectable website.

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