Two Bits of Book News

John Scalzi

Book News Bit #1: The Art of Love Death + Robots, which features the art of some immensely talented people, and also a foreword by me, is now on sale in the US (it’s been out in the UK for a couple of weeks). If you dig incredible art from amazing talents, you’ll want to check it out. Here’s the information on the publisher’s site.

Book News Bit #2: Tor/Macmillan have revealed the title of my upcoming book, and have included a little blurb on what it might be about. Click here to find out! And as always, for any question you might have at this early stage (very early indeed, as I am still writing it), there’s the New Book FAQ, your question will probably be answered there. If it’s not answered there, it’s very likely my answer at the moment is “dunno, we’ll see.”

In all, a pretty decent day for Scalzi-related book news!

— JS

21 Comments on “Two Bits of Book News”

  1. I’m intrigued by the book description. Looks like another fun one. Can’t wait! (Well, not in my control, so I will wait.)

  2. My clowder approves of the themes embodied in your upcoming book, and looks forward to the day when it can be pre-ordered. Using my credit card, of course, because they’re management.

  3. That second book sounds pretty good; why isn’t it already in my tablet! Yes, yes, I know you’re not anybody’s dancing monkey—that’s no excuse! [just kidding, if that needs clarified]

  4. For those that are intrigued by the premise and can’t wait until John finishes writing, I would urge you to pick up Hench by Natalie Zina Walschots. It’s in a similar vein of “what if supervillainry was run like a corporate business” and was a really enjoyable read.

  5. The new book sounds like a good one. My favorite books of yours are the ones with gimmicky premises, and this one sounds very gimmicky indeed.

    Your next novel should be based on this premise: “She’s the pope. He’s a chimp. They’re COPS!”

  6. Do the cats have frikkin’ laser beams on their heads? Because that would be awesome! Though the damage they could do while self-exercising might be beyond the super-villain budget.

  7. “Following the bestselling The Kaiju Preservation Society…”

    Is this ubiquitous advertising for the Kaiju Preservation Society or is the new book set in the same universe? A sequel?

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