New Books and ARCs, 9/7/22

This week is special because there will be two — two! — installments of New Books and ARCs, because I didn’t do one last week as I was at Worldcon. So here’s the first! What here looks super interesting to you? Share in the comments.

— JS

8 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 9/7/22”

  1. I passed on the link to the Big Idea for “Reorganized Religion” to a relative who retired from a high-level church position, and they already ordered it.

  2. It was very considerate indeed to add the text line with the title of the book on the bottom of the stack!

  3. I would take Reorganized Religion off the shelf to see what it was about, at least, being a church-goer. Also Geometries of Belonging since I’m studying the enneagram system just now and would be curious to know if it was a book about connecting and relating, things I’m working on.
    Thanks for revealing the title of the bottom one! I would probably look at the endpapers of that one too.

  4. Geometries of Belonging! Want, want, want!

    OK, to regain some semblance of rationality, I am eager for for everything from R. B. Lemberg. They have been illuminating perspectives I didn’t know I was missing in graceful words and strong stories. So that’s the one I’d take.

  5. Lonely Castle in the Mirror looks intriguing. Manga and anime versions exist too.

    That’s why I enjoy these posts. I get exposure to authors and titles I’ve missed.

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