I Asked Midjourney To Imagine Me In KISS Makeup and the Results Are Not Flattering

Me, in KISS makeup

As I believe I’ve noted before, it’s kind of cool that most of the major AI art generators have at least a vague idea of who I am and what I look like. On the other hand, they never really portray me in the most flattering of lights — and this time even less so. Heavy Metal Makeup Me just looks tired. I do like how they’ve cropped my hairline. Other variations were not so kind.

Needless to say, I kind of love this image. Also, I think it’s just as well I did not go down the rock and roll path. At the very least, I don’t have to take off makeup every night. I’m lazy. I would probably just sleep in it.

— JS

23 Comments on “I Asked Midjourney To Imagine Me In KISS Makeup and the Results Are Not Flattering”

  1. You probably wouldn’t sleep in it. Makeup gets itchy after a while, at which point you really really want to get it off your skin. Unless you’re utterly exhausted it’s worth the effort to remove the stuff.

  2. I don’t know, that’s pretty good. Better than some of the ..ahem…self-portraits you’ve put up in the past.

  3. I have to ask, what do your wife and daughter think of this John straight out of the multiverse?

  4. It looks more Kabuki than KISS – yes, I know KISS modeled their makeup after Kabuki, but this looks like you should be covering “Turning Japanese”….

  5. That image is way cooler than any Scalzi except that textbook guy. He’s a rock star. Steely eyed with welds.

  6. oooh you look good. like a mysterious warrior, with a sad past; not talking much but always telling the truth; good with the sword and have a soft spot for kitten!! :)

  7. Why would Midjourney post flattering pictures of you when you yourself post weird & freaky looking self-portraits?

  8. Did you just ask for you in KISS makeup, or did you try specifically asking for you in KISS makeup being happy, or rocking out, or some other keyword indicating something other than resting dad face?

    Apparently, the people getting the coolest AI art results are treating their prompts like classified nuclear codes, so we don’t see what actually gets some of those amazing results, but it seems like you can be extremely specific.

    All that said, the picture you posted reads more “samurai” than “heavy metal” to me.

  9. Not so much Heavy Metal as Serial Killer Clown makeup.
    Also what nerd6 said, though I mean that in the nicest way quote unquote.

  10. SUGGEST: showing this nightmare image to high school kids dreaming of starting a rock ‘n roll band…

    they’ll run a-whimpering to sign up for shop classes in welding or if they got decent enough grades for college they’d grimly sign up as accounting majors

    either way, seeking some certainty in lifestyle to avoid ending up looking like a dead clown dragged behind a snow plow scattering rock salt along a gravel road

  11. Have you tried DALL-E? I like that art much better! I did one of “a tortoiseshell cat dressed in a ball gown with a bunny toy” and fell in love with three of the four options. It’s particularly good at Monet type art.

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