I’m In a Canadian Mood Tonight So Here is kd lang

Covering Neil Young, who is also Canadian. This is absolutely one of my favorite things kd lang has recorded, which is saying something, because kd lang has recorded a large number of phenomenal songs. Enjoy.

— JS

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  1. I remember when I first heard her singing lo these many decades ago I was totally blown away. She doesn’t sing my kind of music but I still like listening to her.

  2. On YouTube you can find two clips of her singing Hallelujah. In one she bows to Leonard Cohen who was seated in the front row, in another she is singing for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

    Unfortunately, at the time, for reasons best known to themselves, the US TV channel with the Olympic contract did not show her singing.

  3. There is a town in north Ontario
    With dream comfort memory to spare
    In my mind, I still need a place to go
    All my changes were there.

    Thanks John. I needed this
    I’m going back to my hometown for a funeral soon.

    ….so many memories

  4. hers is music that moves you and has always been

    when you really listen closely kd lang is a musician who knows how to do music

  5. I’ve been following Kathy Dawn since she was touring Canada with the Reclines (which Wikipedia tells me was 1983). And Neil for probably even longer since he grew up in Winnipeg where I have lived since 1971. Great picks. And you are welcome to call yourself a Canadian. We’d be happy to claim you too!

  6. @SC There’s an interesting documentary focused on the life and times of the song Hallelujah, and its composer.

    Here’s a Rufus Wainwright version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQK4YfiPj1Q

    When we went to see Leonard Cohen at what he referred to as the “vertiginous heights” of Madison Sq. Garden, we passed RW out in the lobby, waiting for a friend. Possibly the best concert I’ve attended, though I did catch Dylan on his first tour, accidentally (ushering) and I’d have to say that was more memorable.

  7. Have a kd lang album of duets with Tony Bennet, wonderful music. I gave a copy to my dad, who said that he didn’t think he would enjoy it, he was big bands and classical music all the way.

    He loved it. She is wonderful, and so is Tony Bennet.

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