More New Music: “9/18/22 (Calm O’er the Campus)”

My high school’s reunion weekend is coming up — in exactly a month, as it happens — and it’ll also be the centennial of my school, and Webb is exactly the sort of place where reunions and centennials are a big deal. I was thinking about the school and the people I know from there today, and I felt a little nostalgic; perhaps not entirely coincidentally, then, the piece of music I was putting together today kind of fits that mood. So this one goes out to all my Webb friends. Wherever you are, I hope you’re well and I hope I get to see you soon.

(As ever, this piece will be up on the streaming services in the next few days, but for now, this is the place to hear it.)

— JS

8 Comments on “More New Music: “9/18/22 (Calm O’er the Campus)””

  1. For those curious about the title, “Calm o’er the campus” is a line from the graduation song for Webb. Yes, it’s the kind of school that has a graduation song.

  2. I just went to my 60th HS reunion. More classmates showed up than I expected. Most of us could still recognize each other!. Too many have passed on.
    Still, it was nice to see my old classmates.

  3. This is very cool and instantly puts me into the mid 80s. I’m 20% regretting not going to my recent multi-year reunion. Nah, not really. I envy you your high school experience. Mine was fine except for everything that happened and all of the people.

  4. This is achingly beautiful to me. I have no desire to attend my high school reunions (the friends I keep in touch with from high school are older than me) but this gives me hope if I ever do go it would be potentially be a beautiful experience. Thanks for putting this into the world.

  5. Mike, I hope you can have a beautiful experience.

    At my reunions, all the egos were gone and none of us had anything left to prove. We could just enjoy each other’s company.

  6. For being the kind of music I don’t normally care for, this wasn’t that bad. I was at no point moved to leave early. :)

    @ the Mike who said “Mine was fine except for everything that happened and all of the people.” You totally made me laugh, assuredly with a smile of recognition!

  7. Also, maybe I want to delete my previous comment lest it come across as more of damning with faint praise, rather than praising with faint damns.

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