Smudge Confronts Modern Technology and Is Less Than 100% Thrilled

The technology in question: A small drone, which Krissy’s work has given her so that she can cut down on the number of roofs she has to climb on in her role as a claims adjuster. She need to get some practice with it, but it’s an overly blustery day, so she decided to fire it up inside the house. Smudge was, shall we say, less than thrilled about the buzzy, beepy thing that had invaded his home during his naptime. Fortunately the interruption was brief and Smudge was able to return to his Very Important Nap. Life at the Scalzi Compound: Never boring, even when nap-filled.

— JS

10 Comments on “Smudge Confronts Modern Technology and Is Less Than 100% Thrilled”

  1. Smudge was pretty good when it comes to flying items. Several of our cats (probably Henry or Adira) would have tried to knock it out of the air.
    The question now is, now that you’ve had an exposure to a drone are you going to look for a new toy for the Scalzi collection? Especially with your interest in photography.

  2. domestication works both ways… speculation (albeit somewhat radical) wolves attracted to the fire pits and midden heaps of humans were in effect training us to toss them our indigestible scraps such as bones and gristle… possibly digging a second fir pit for these proto-dogs…

    so now… here are our indoor pets 20,000 years later modifying our behavior in various ways… including issues of safety and annoyance during the introduction of new technology…

    I’ll bet you a nickel as Krissy learns to be a drone operator, her interactions with Scalzi pets will lead to her achieving better situational aware which will in turn reduce unhappy incidents involving other people’s pets and/or children…

  3. I’m with Smudge – that…device should not be inside a home, especially not one with a pussycat who’s trying to sleep.

    Doesn’t your home have a basement where Krissy can do drone pilot lessons without the risk of create Smudge sushi…?

  4. You’ll be surprised by how much wind those things can fly in. The electronics work very hard and on that you can’t accidentally turn off the GPS or stability measures. They’re a lot more fun outside where you can really hack them around and, as a model flyer and drone operator professionally, it a darn sight safer doing it outdoors!

  5. How dare Krissy interrupt Smudge’s V.I.N.! THIS IS AN OUTAGE!
    Smudge, I’m speaking directly to you now, would like something to happen to your parents? Maybe curse them with sub par wine or bad music the next time they go to dine out? Your sleep is very important and they shouldn’t be disturbing it by testing outside equipment indoors. You have rights too!

  6. I’d love to hear more about how Krissy is using the drone for work if that’s something she’s comfortable sharing. It sounds interesting.

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